Monday, April 18, 2011

Luis Royo Figures

You have probably seen Luis Royo's art on book covers, calendars, or on magazine covers. His style is haunting and sexy. I love his style & the way his figures seem to float or have a real lightness to them. Now Yamato USA is producing PVC 1/6 scale (approx. 13") mini statues of some of his sexiest ladies. These figures have incredible detail in the way of the paint job. The detail is amazing. The outfits are molded of plastics that appear very cloth-like & can be translucent enough to see tattoos hidden underneath. The one shown here is called Ritual & will be available from Entertainment Earth October 2011. You can pre-order it now. They have it listed for $109.99, which is $10.00 cheaper than the Yamato site has it.

Make sure you check out many of the other figures inspired by Royo's art work on both the Entertainment Earth site & the Yamato USA site as well as the artist's website.

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Chris said...

Those are amazing. And, of course, they're out of stock on the Golden Lover statue, and I can see why.