Friday, April 29, 2011

Futurama Tineez

Here are some adorable Futurama Collectibles! They are called Tineez & they are produced by Toynami. They are between 3 to 4 inches tall depending on the character & made of vinyl. I have seen them at the mall chain Vintage Stock, but you can also pick them up online at Entertainment Earth. Oh, and don't forget, new Futurama Episodes start June 23rd!


Chris said...

There's a neat little shop up here that sells cool vinyl figures, but they're out of the Futurama. Also, unless you're willing to pay a premium to get a specific one (and some places won't even offer that option), most tiny vinyl figures are sold in blind boxes, so you never know which one you're going to get.

Cindy said...

But they're so cute! I want to squeeze them.

GeminiWriter said...

OOooo…they are adorable. They would look great on my shelf.