Thursday, February 10, 2011


OMG! There are some really sweet new Thundercats figures coming to a retailer near you & on the web at Entertainment Earth this fall. It looks like both Mezco & Icon Heroes are putting out a Lion-o. Mezco's is a 14" version with sword of omens & a limited 14 points of articulation. His claw shield is sculpted on & non-removable. The price isn't too bad at $34.99 & the wait for this one won't be eternal with the date sometime in July of this year! You can pre-order now at Entertainment Earth or stop by your local comics retailer & see if they can order it for you.

Icon Heroes doesn't just have a snazzy Lion-o of their very own, but also a kick-ass Jaga & an excellent sculpt of the Jackalman as well. Jaga is expected sometime in August with Jackalman close behind sometime in September. Both figures are 6 inches tall, static or non-articulated figures. Both do have removable & extra parts however. Jaga has a helmeted & non-helmeted head & the Jackalman has two different right arms that can be swapped out. The price is a little high at $29.99 each, but it's a small independent company trying to find it's footing. Their sculpts really are A+ work, so when you consider the attention to detail & outstanding likenesses the cost seems fair.

Wait! We're not done. Hard Hero Enterprises/Products also has a figure coming out & you won't have to wait long. With a release date of sometime THIS month, this 10" Mumm-Ra statue could be in your eager hands before you know it. It is supposedly an extremely limited edition & one has to wonder exactly how limited with a price tag of $199.99. I love Thundercats more than most, but there's just no way I could spare that for a 10" non-articulated statuette of the bad guy.

Btw, if yu haven't heard the news yet, there is a reason for the sudden interest by retailers to snag anything out there related to Thundercats. This fall on Cartoon Network, Thundercats gets relaunched. Ban Dai has the rights for the toys of this new series. See the video below for a look at both. Personally, I'm excited. It's nice to see them again.

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