Tuesday, February 22, 2011

New Stuff to Drool Over

Apparently there is a Star Wars Myth/Legend that I was unaware of. I know, hard to believe. Don't faint. Way back before the dinosaurs, in 1983, Return of the Jedi was filmed. There was a rumor even before its release of a scene of Luke building a new lightsaber. Once it hit theaters, many people were very disappointed that the rumored scene didn't make an appearance. What happened to it? Where'd it go? Did it get cut? Did it exist at all? For years the rumor persisted. Once DVD's came along & director's cuts & deleted content became a standard on those DVD's, many hoped that somehow the missing scene might re-emerge. It didn't. Even with the release of the Special Editions it failed to show back up in the film. Many began to believe it was just a myth. Then, just as it seemed all hope was lost, the story boards of the fabled scene surfaced! There was still a slight chance that the scene had indeed been filmed. Finally, last year at Celebration V, the man himself, George Lucas, announced that the scene had been found & would be restored & placed back into the Bluray version of the Return of the Jedi. There were cheers of joy! Then, the privileged Celebration attendees were lucky enough to get to see the scene as they showed it on a large screen. From there, EFX Collectibles constructed a new lightsaber replica. Called the "Star Wars ROTJ Luke Skywalker Reveal Light Saber Replica" it is available for $499.99 on the Entertainment Earth website. It has, however, already completely sold out on the EFX website. Brian's Toys also has some still available for pre-order.

These are going quick. If you are a Skywalker fan, I suggest you jump on this. I think it will be one you will regret not owning in the future.

Now on to some less serious & fun collectibles. The anime "One Piece" is a whole barrel of fun. I loved it. Finding figures for your favorite anime series' is always quite a challenge. The big box stores NEVER carry them. Comics shops can usually order them, but the price bump usually hurts...a bunch. If you have enough, get your local retailer/comic shop to order it for you & just look at the price bump as a donation to keep your favorite comic shop open & around. If you just can't, I suggest Entertainment Earth.

Now that we've taken care of how to get it, let's look at what it is we want! Lol. Two really awesome "One Piece" figures! Monkey D. Luffy & Chopper! Chopper frakkin' rocks! Both are produced by Bandai. Monkey is available now at a price of $34.99 and Chopper is available as a pre-order for the price of $16.99.

So there you have it. A couple new things to save your pennies for. Thanks for stopping by!


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