Sunday, February 27, 2011

The new Thundercats animated trailer is here!

It looks awesome. I can not wait! Cartoon Network, this Fall.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Think Geeks ipad arcade stick

For all you gamers with an I-pad, this makes your I-pad just like those old sit down table top arcades. Cool. Think Geek has them! One for $24.99 or get two for $39.99.

Tonner dolls, Barbie Dolls, Blythe Dolls, & more

Do you collect dolls? If you answered yes, then I suggest you head on over to Entertainment Earth right now. This is the very last day to get in on their buy one, get one 50% off. That is huge savings for those of you who collect the more expensive dolls, like Tonner, which can run into the hundreds of dollars.

So go, Scoot! Head on over & get 'em while they last!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

New Stuff to Drool Over

Apparently there is a Star Wars Myth/Legend that I was unaware of. I know, hard to believe. Don't faint. Way back before the dinosaurs, in 1983, Return of the Jedi was filmed. There was a rumor even before its release of a scene of Luke building a new lightsaber. Once it hit theaters, many people were very disappointed that the rumored scene didn't make an appearance. What happened to it? Where'd it go? Did it get cut? Did it exist at all? For years the rumor persisted. Once DVD's came along & director's cuts & deleted content became a standard on those DVD's, many hoped that somehow the missing scene might re-emerge. It didn't. Even with the release of the Special Editions it failed to show back up in the film. Many began to believe it was just a myth. Then, just as it seemed all hope was lost, the story boards of the fabled scene surfaced! There was still a slight chance that the scene had indeed been filmed. Finally, last year at Celebration V, the man himself, George Lucas, announced that the scene had been found & would be restored & placed back into the Bluray version of the Return of the Jedi. There were cheers of joy! Then, the privileged Celebration attendees were lucky enough to get to see the scene as they showed it on a large screen. From there, EFX Collectibles constructed a new lightsaber replica. Called the "Star Wars ROTJ Luke Skywalker Reveal Light Saber Replica" it is available for $499.99 on the Entertainment Earth website. It has, however, already completely sold out on the EFX website. Brian's Toys also has some still available for pre-order.

These are going quick. If you are a Skywalker fan, I suggest you jump on this. I think it will be one you will regret not owning in the future.

Now on to some less serious & fun collectibles. The anime "One Piece" is a whole barrel of fun. I loved it. Finding figures for your favorite anime series' is always quite a challenge. The big box stores NEVER carry them. Comics shops can usually order them, but the price bump usually hurts...a bunch. If you have enough, get your local retailer/comic shop to order it for you & just look at the price bump as a donation to keep your favorite comic shop open & around. If you just can't, I suggest Entertainment Earth.

Now that we've taken care of how to get it, let's look at what it is we want! Lol. Two really awesome "One Piece" figures! Monkey D. Luffy & Chopper! Chopper frakkin' rocks! Both are produced by Bandai. Monkey is available now at a price of $34.99 and Chopper is available as a pre-order for the price of $16.99.

So there you have it. A couple new things to save your pennies for. Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Sometimes I think....

Then, sometimes I paint.


OMG! There are some really sweet new Thundercats figures coming to a retailer near you & on the web at Entertainment Earth this fall. It looks like both Mezco & Icon Heroes are putting out a Lion-o. Mezco's is a 14" version with sword of omens & a limited 14 points of articulation. His claw shield is sculpted on & non-removable. The price isn't too bad at $34.99 & the wait for this one won't be eternal with the date sometime in July of this year! You can pre-order now at Entertainment Earth or stop by your local comics retailer & see if they can order it for you.

Icon Heroes doesn't just have a snazzy Lion-o of their very own, but also a kick-ass Jaga & an excellent sculpt of the Jackalman as well. Jaga is expected sometime in August with Jackalman close behind sometime in September. Both figures are 6 inches tall, static or non-articulated figures. Both do have removable & extra parts however. Jaga has a helmeted & non-helmeted head & the Jackalman has two different right arms that can be swapped out. The price is a little high at $29.99 each, but it's a small independent company trying to find it's footing. Their sculpts really are A+ work, so when you consider the attention to detail & outstanding likenesses the cost seems fair.

Wait! We're not done. Hard Hero Enterprises/Products also has a figure coming out & you won't have to wait long. With a release date of sometime THIS month, this 10" Mumm-Ra statue could be in your eager hands before you know it. It is supposedly an extremely limited edition & one has to wonder exactly how limited with a price tag of $199.99. I love Thundercats more than most, but there's just no way I could spare that for a 10" non-articulated statuette of the bad guy.

Btw, if yu haven't heard the news yet, there is a reason for the sudden interest by retailers to snag anything out there related to Thundercats. This fall on Cartoon Network, Thundercats gets relaunched. Ban Dai has the rights for the toys of this new series. See the video below for a look at both. Personally, I'm excited. It's nice to see them again.

Sunday, February 06, 2011


Well, the snow has melted & Snowacolypse 2011 is over. Tomorrow it's back to work & copy making & listening to people complain. It's okay though. Really. These last 6 days were absolutely amazing. No work, no time, no worries. Just me & T & Leela being together & doing our thing.

I started a huge 36" x 42" painting of Wonder Woman, T wrote, Leela played a whole lotta ball in the hall. We slept in every day until around 2pm & stayed up until 5 or 6am almost every day. I haven't felt so relaxed & free in a long time. THIS is why I love snow in Oklahoma. Not only is it beautiful & almost never happens, but when it does, everything stops. EVERYTHING. Oklahoma has no idea how to deal with more than 2 inches of snow. We got at least 6 to 8 inches. The University had no plan in place to get that much snow cleaned up, therefore, total shutdown for 4 work days. The city didn't do much better. There was at least 6 inches of packed snow & ice on the roads making them extremely slippery. Oklahomans all drive trucks. Rear wheel drive or light end front wheel drive. Not good in those conditions. So, again, everything shuts down.

T & I built a snow wall after the second round of snow. We planned on walling up the entire gazebo to make our very own Echo base. The sun came out though before we finished and it came crashing down the next day. I love that T is always game for getting out & playing in the snow. I couldn't be with anyone more fun! We spent a couple of hours building that wall & laughing & throwing snow at each other. No time. No worries. No work. No J.O.B. work. I mean, we worked. Real work. Honest work. She worked on her writing & I worked on my art & loved every single moment. So, yeah, back to the clock tomorrow, but hey, they are forecasting snow on Tuesday & Wednesday, so the snow gods just might bless us again. I love snow. Stay warm my friends. Cherish every spontaneous moment.