Friday, November 19, 2010

For Katie & all the girls that LOVE Star Wars!!!

(Me & my Brother in our Stars Wars Underoo's)

So I read a blog article, another blog article & A Star Wars website about an awesome first grader named Katie that was recently teased about bringing a Star Wars water bottle to school. Apparently some boys told her Star Wars wasn't for girls. WHAT!? Silly boys, who told them something so wrong! Boy are they going to feel silly when they find out how many girls of all different ages LOVE Star Wars!

(Girls can be X-Wing pilots!)

I fell in LOVE with Star Wars when my Mom & Dad took me to see it at the Comet Drive-In when I was only 3 years old. I was very lucky to have parents that didn't think anything of getting me Star Wars toys for my Birthday or Christmas. I don't think they really bought into action figures being boys toys. Assigning gender specificity to material objects is a little absurd. That being said I do remember being teased, mostly by other girls, about playing with boys toys. It was hurtful, but never enough that I would give up on playing with or loving anything Star Wars! In fact, I haven't stopped playing with Star Wars toys to this day!

(Lots of Star Wars toys!)

So, Katie, if you read this, don't believe those silly boys. I'm 36 years old now & I work at a University & do you know what I have decorated my office with? Star Wars! I have the movie poster & pictures on the walls, and even a few cool Micro Machine Star Wars ships on my desk. I have someone, almost every day, tell me that they like my Star Wars decorations. Girls & boys.

(Look! I'm a Jedi!)
The very best part is that I found someone who loves Star Wars as much as I do to share my life with. We watch it all the time & talk about it & even write stories & draw pictures about it! I'm an artist partly because of the influence of Star Wars. So if you are a girl & you like Star Wars & some silly boy tells you it's not for girls, don't believe it! It's totally for girls, boys, & even Wookies! Just follow your heart & remember, The Force will be with you, always!


ChromePlatedGirl said...

A) What an awesome letter to Katie.
B) That picture of you in your Underoos is killing me. Killing me.

Jen Tucker said...

A) Thanks!
B) Isn't it awesome!? :)

Chris said...

Kids are so stupid. Lots of guys love nerd girls. But it's not surprise that so many adult men get stuck with vapid women. And they deserve to be; they helped create them. But who do I want, the geeky girl who likes Star Wars, and BSG, and Firefly or the girl that is just so -- OMG! -- really into to shopping at the mall?

And she's got a good mom, because some moms would totally reinforce such idiotic gender roles.

Wild Okie said...

I love this post! So upbeat and kind. I'm going to share this with others. Great job!!

Turayis said...

That was so awesome. I looked at an updated post from that blog and Katie is reading posts from everyone each evening. She's now proudly wearing her Star Wars attire and feels confident in her love of Star Wars again. I mean really, what can these boys say against thousands of women, NASA, and the Star Wars site itself??? I'm so glad this went viral. That'll show those insecure little boys what's what!

I'm glad you spread the word about this, because I don't keep up on the blogs or forums so all my good geek info comes from you! ;)

Thank you!!

Cindy said...

Jen, you are a Jedi. And I agree with Chrome on the Underoos picture.