Friday, April 02, 2010

What?! What happened?

So somehow I let two whole weeks get by me. No blog posts for two whole weeks. For shame. However, I did managed to write another Children's Story which I plan on illustrating this weekend while T grinds away at her school work. My friend Amy updated her status on one of those social network sites by putting, " a Stubborn Tomato", and all of the sudden, like a bolt of lightning, I had a story in mind. I went home, sat down & had it all written out by the time T got home around 9pm. I like it. I like it just as much as my "Chicken" story. I can't wait to illustrate it.

This leads me to a question. Why do I keep fighting this Children's author thing? I mean, at this point I am up to five different books, with one completely written and illustrated. So what's the deal? I'm not sure. I think I'm a little afraid that I won't make an acceptable children's author. Of course, that's a silly thing to worry about before you even try. I mean really, what do I have to lose? I am also a little frightened about not knowing what I'm doing if it comes to getting an agent or signing contracts. Again, I'm not even close to that yet. My friends Chris & Cindy had wonderful advice for figuring out things you don't know. Write to people who do. Write to a whole mess of them. Your sure to get at least one response, and really, that's all you need.

I think I'm going to do this. I looked up the address for the fellow who wrote and illustrated "Don't let the Pigeon Drive the Bus", one of my personal favorite picture books. He used to work as a writer on Sesame Street. How cool is that? He's been influencing me for years and I didn't even know it.

So here it goes. Illustrate and complete the Tomato story this weekend and time permitting, finish illustrating "What Happened to Snaily" and "Tiger and Monkey" as well. Write some letters, mail them off, look up submission guidelines and before you know it, you'll be purchasing my book for your kiddos.

Wish me luck.


Chris said...

That's great! I'm trying to get back into the writing swing, too. Which is really just another way of saying that I'm trying to get past my fear of writing shit.

Jen Tucker said...

Don't write $h!t, write something good. LOL!