Monday, April 12, 2010

Neil Gaiman & Jim Henson

I loved Jim Henson. He was the most magic person on earth to me. Everything he did was magic. Everything he did made me feel something...something good. He was like that warming ray of sunshine after a long winter. My dream was to work for Jim Henson. To be part of that amazing positivity & creativity. I didn't care how hard I had to work or how long the hours would be or even if I had to spend 5 years being some Muppets right arm (which I heard rumor was what you had to do to finally make it in & get your own Muppet). He died a couple of years before I made it to college. I cried. I cried like someone in my family died. I cried because I felt like somehow someone had pulled a shade over the window & I could no longer feel the sunshine. My heart was broken.

For a long time now, I've felt like all of that magic might be lost. I asked myself & T, "Where is that magic man or woman? Where is that creative genius that makes you feel things so strongly?" I think I found him. I think I found him several years ago & didn't even know it.

Neil Gaiman.

Just today, I realized that this man is magic. He makes me feel the same ways that Jim Henson did. The possibilities, the positivity, the dreams, and the magic. Sure, I know, he's just a guy who happens to be a writer, but I know secretly he's something else. He's a magic man. A Shaman. A storyteller.

It was just today, all of the sudden, I realized they still exist. Thanks to this little 4 minute video my friend Scott found & posted to THAT big social networking site. I'm going to post it here and maybe you too, will feel & see the same thing I did.

Thanks Neil. We need you. Keep writing & dreaming & sharing.


Chris said...

Have you ever been to the Jim Henson Exhibit? It's this really small museum in Leland, Mississippi, birthplace of Kermit. We stopped there once, after years of saying we were gonna...and it was great. So small, yet so endearing. Actually getting a bit teary just thinking about it. We should take a roadtrip.

Cindy said...

I can't even type and think about it. Tears welling up. I know I sound old, but kids today just have no idea. He gave us so much love, joy, and happy. He taught kindness and respect. I still want to be on Sesame Street just to give Grover a hug.

Turayis said...

I can't even watch the video you posted right now because I'm trying not to cry at work from your post!

Jen Tucker said...

I cried just posting it. Lol.