Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Art Tuesday

So I sent out samples of my work to a local coffee shop that my friends frequent. They gave me a heads up on an art request flyer & an e-mail address. I sent them 7 samples & an e-mail. To my surprise I got one back saying they liked my stuff & wanted me for October.


Really? Holy crap. For real?

Now the fun begins. Framing & getting everything show ready. It might help if I actually went to the coffee shop & got an idea of how much space I have to cover. Lol.

I haven't EVER had my own show. I've shared a show, but never ever my very own.

The not having a reliable car thing really makes this difficult. Getting to the coffee shop, I mean. That's what friends are for, right? Right guys? Hello?

I also have a new set goal. I have to get some new work out. I have a deadline. Deadlines make me work.


If you live in OKC (Oklahoma City) or any of the surrounding areas, go check these guys out: Coffee Slingers

This just proves one thing. The only thing stopping any of us is ourselves.

Thanks Chris & Cindy.

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Chris said...

Oh yeah, we can take you guys to Coffee Slingers