Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Art Tuesday

I've been researching Illustrators. Part of me wants to do this. Another part of me wants to make movies. Concept art. Bring things from the written word to life on the page. I found a great blog with some awesome illustration work. Go check it out: http://jesperejsing.blogspot.com/

This guy is really great. He explains his process. I realized I have the sketching & thumbnail thing down, but I need to learn to do painting thumbnails. I just try to jump from pencil to paint without any color testing or idea of exactly what color is going to go where. Color composition is just as important as overall composition.

I really don't want to use a computer for illustrations, but I am slowly realizing it must be done at certain steps. Publishers use this. Dimensions & industry standards & such. Looks like I'll be saving up & maybe even taking some classes to figure out how to do this.

Here's a few more illustrators to check out if you are interested in Illustration work:

Jesper Ejsing

Mo Willems

Brett Helquist


Chris said...

Why can't you do both? You don't have to do them at the same time.

If you can find it, pick up a copy of Ignore Everybody by Hugh MacLeod. Quick read, and very good advice. I'll loan you my copy if you can wait to read it.

Just don't do something because you feel you should; do it because you know you need to.

Cindy said...

Chris is right. Stop putting yourself into a box.

I really like the illustrator idea. It would be a good way to fill in time between movies ;)

Also, I have a memory of going through some art things left behind by my brother (you two have a lot of similarities). He had a stack of trading sized art cards. Jesper Ejing's work reminds me of some of those cards.

Jen Tucker said...

I didn't know your brother did art, Cindy. Very cool. Maybe sometime you can post some of it or show me. It would be a good time filler.

Chris- I guess I can. When did I acquire this box? I think I shall go recycle it. :)