Friday, March 19, 2010

Website Wednesday feat. Adult Swim Games

Over at the cartoon network they show cartoons during the late evening/night in a time & segment they call Adult Swim. Adult swim consists of toons that many people would probably prefer their kids not watch. It's for us 30 year old kids. There are cartoons like Morel Oral, Metalocalypse & other adult themed shows on at this time. Adult Swim also has a website: Adult Swim

Now the part of the website that is my favorite is the game part. There are hundreds of tasteless & wrong but funny as hell games. Games like Zombie Hooker Nightmare, or my lil' bastard. Some of my favorites are 5 minutes to kill yourself, Bible Fight, Amateur Surgeon, Floater, & Floater on Ice.

If you get bored & are looking for something to do, go check these out. They are hilarious, challenging & fun! Be advised though, if you don't have a bit of a twisted sense of humor & are a straight laced type, who doesn't get the hilarity, you'll be shocked & horrified by pretty much all of these games. You might want to head over to Christian Oasis or Christian Computer Games.

Have fun!

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