Sunday, March 14, 2010

Movie Review Monday!

I have a two for one today! That's right, two movies reviewed by me for you to consider viewing in one post! Amazing!

Okay movie One: "Bitch Slap"

Think Sexplotation movie from the late 70's early 80's. 3 gorgeous women are tangled up in a mess trying to find a wealth of diamonds buried somewhere in the desert. Oh, and there are guns. Lots of really big guns. Also, scantily clad women beating the holy bajebus outta each other & everyone else.

The story is solid & very fun. There are flashbacks that keep moving us farther & farther back in time. The acting is great except for maybe the crazy chick "Camero". I had middle of the road expectations for this flick & was a little surprised at how well they used the genre.

Eric Guendemann & Rick Jacobson, who worked on many an episode of Xena & Hercules, wrote the screenplay. Rick Directed the picture & also helped Rick produce it. Zoe Bell, Xena stunt woman & star of Death Proof, coordinated all the stunts & fights scenes as well as doubling. There was plenty to see for any Xena/Hercules fan in this picture, with Lucy Lawless (Xena), & Renee O'Connor (Gabrielle) making cameos as nuns. Micheal Hurst (Iolas in Hercules) had one of the major roles in the film & proves once again what a great actor he is.

I give it a B for a GREAT B-movie! Go rent for sure & if you like good B films, just go buy it.

Make sure to watch the 3 part documentary on the Making of a good B-movie just to laugh at Micheal Hurst & be surprised how absolutely full of herself Erin Cummings, "Hel", is. I'm pretty sure they added all of her diva moments as a warning to ANYONE out there even considering her for another part. I had thought she'd make a great RED SONJA until I watched her in the extras. OMG. No way. I feel sorry for ANYONE who ever has to put up with this woman. Wow.

I hope to see Julia Voth, "Trixie", in many, many more films.

Okay, movie #2: Zebraman

A Japanese superhero movie. I LOVED it as well. It started just a tad bit slow, but quickly picked up. I think it was geared more toward kids than adults, but if you like fairytale movies & superheroes, you'll probably like it.

A school teacher longs to be more & is obsessed with a TV series that only had 7 episodes called, "Zebraman". A wheelchair bound transfer student bonds with him over the old program. Little does the student know that the teacher has been constructing his own Zebraman outfit in the hopes of becoming a hero himself.

It's a sweet story. Rent it.

Well, that's it for now. Hope everyone has a fantastic week.

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