Monday, March 01, 2010

Movie Review Monday

Well hello there! It's March! It also happens to be Women's History month & Movie review Monday. I have absolutely nothing. Lol. I rearranged two rooms in my house this weekend & barely even got a chance to sit down much less watch a movie. The rooms look great & I am going to be able to get rid of quite a mess of stuff. I really revel in the fact that I have someone that loves rearranging rooms as much as I do. The stagnancy wears on you & there are always those hard to reach places you can't get with a vacuum that you inevitably drop something behind the first week, that are now revealed, looted & cleaned! Hurrah! Plus, it's like a whole new house!

Hopefully the changes help make both of us more productive. The dog never likes it when we move things around. I think she may be OCD. Poor thing. Moving things does get you to thinking about the other rooms though. I keep thinking about the awful tile in the bathroom, the carpet in the hall, & the lack of a dishwasher in the kitchen. I want those all fixed. Now. Unfortunately, with a messed up rotator cuff & no money, it may be a while.

So as far as reviewing a movie today, I don't think it's going to happen. I want to see that new Amelia Earhart movie. It looks good. The new information & theories on Amelia are sad but fascinating. I heard the movie doesn't follow the newest theories of her surviving & successfully landing the plane on the water then living on a nearby island until she succumbed to the elements, but new archeological evidence is really starting to point that direction. It would be amazing if they could find that skeleton. Amelia Earhart was one cool lady.

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