Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Art Tuesday

So you are a creative individual & you want to do something, but you don't have the money. You want to create a comic, but you're just one guy/gal. You're not Marvel or DC. You want to animate a movie, but again, you have no money. You have a computer, sure, and some pencils & paper, of course, but no money. Well, stop whining. You have everything you need. The only reason you aren't doing it is because you're lazy & afraid. You're afraid you're pretending. You doubt somewhere inside yourself that you really are what you want to be. You hold yourself back by being afraid that someone, somewhere, is going to call you out for being a poser. You use excuses like time & money for why you can't achieve these things, but really it all comes down to you. Ralph Bakshi was at Comic Con in 2008 & laid it all out for those of us who just stand still whining & crying. I have to say, I like an honest brutal opinion. So, for this Art Tuesday post I wanted to share the video of Ralph telling those of us who are creative to stop crying & do something. No one is stopping you, but you.

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