Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Art Tuesday feat. Mike Deodato

The first place I ever remember seeing Mike Deodato's work was in the comic adaptation of the television series "Beauty & the Beast" starring Linda Hamilton & Ron Perlman. I was a huge fan of the show & was amazed at how he managed to capture the characters & environment so perfectly.

Now he's big time with Marvel covers & the New Avengers, Amazing Spider-Man, Thunderbolts and his latest ongoing series, Wolverine: Origins. Marvel has him all to themselves.

He has really improved over the years & I'm pretty excited that he & Brubaker, one of my favorite, if not favorite, comics writers will be working together soon in an Avengers title I believe. Go check out his site here: Deodato & Here: Art of Deodato

Follow him on twitter here: mikedeodato

or Facebook here: Mike Deodato, Jr.

Keep up the great work Mike!

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