Friday, February 26, 2010

Action Figure Friday

If you missed them the first time around, you have a second chance. Toynami has released a second wave of it's first two Futurama figures "Fry" & "Bender". I found them at Think Geek for a good price of $24.99 for the set.

They also have "Prof. Farnsworth" & "Hermes" or "Leela" & "Zapp Brannigan" for the same price. They are a really great company & I have ordered from them before with no difficulties. They are usually pretty speedy with the shipping, too. They even have a rewards program called "Geek Points".

As far as the figures go, I love them. The Futurama line happens to be some of my favorite figures of my entire Geek collection. "Chef Bender", "Mom", "Nudar", "Calculon", "Kif", "Dr. Zoidberg", "Cloberella", "Super King Bender", "Capt. Yesterday" are available all over the web as well. "Wooden Bender", "Morbo" and "URL" (robot peace officer) were displayed at the 2010 Toy Fair, so I'm betting they will be next in line. The accessories that come with these figures are usually just what they should be. "Fry" has a holophoner, a can of Slurm, & anchovies for example.

If you love Futurama these are fun way to support the show.

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