Saturday, July 25, 2009

Futurama Cast to be Replaced

That's right. Once again Fox seems to be clueless as to why the show is successful. Sure the writing is awesome, but what really brings the show to life are Billy West, Katey Segal, John Dimaggio, Lauren Tom, Phil LaMarr, Maurice LeMarche, & the other many talented voice actors. To recast these voices would be an epic FAIL. As a Futurama fan I do not think that Fox understands what recasting will mean. Many of us will simply refuse to watch. Not only that but we will refuse to buy any more Futurama related products. When a show becomes a CULT hit & garners a CULT following you can not simple replace main aspects of the show. If you do, we will scream & shout & make your life miserable until we get your attention or until we bring so much attention to the issue that the whole world begins to see what we are saying & your idiocy becomes apparent. That is why we are referred to as a CULT audience. There are three ways to avoid this. #1) Pony up the money you cheap bastards. #2) Scrap the whole idea & be honest about the fact that you were too cheap to pony up the money. #3) Sell it to another network so that the fans can enjoy the show, the actors can get paid what they deserve, and you can see what complete idiots you were for not ponying up the money. Since it is well known that FOX has no loyalties to its viewers I doubt any of these will happen. I would like to see Matt Groening step up for the people who have helped pay his mortgage by doing such an excellent job & earning him an Emmy. I mean, where is he in all of this? David X. Cohen has been awfully quiet as well. Fox, seriously...don't do this. You will have an oppurtunity to reap much money from Futurama if you keep the original cast intact. ALL of them. More money from toy, shirt, sign, poster, soundtrack, DVD, etc. sales. If you recast? $0. Nada. Nothing. You will have spent so much money on preproduction & everything else that goes into relaunching a show & you will not make one red cent. No one is going to watch. You see, without the original cast, well, it just isn't Futurama. No matter what you call it.

Comiccon News

Star Wars in Concert! That's right. Star Wars clips with laser lights & a full symphony orchestra, plus a traveling exhibit of costumes & props. It looks amazing. It will kick off in Anaheim, CA at the Honda Center October 1st 2009. The tickets will go on sale 08-01-09 & 08-02-09. I will be attending the October 21st, 2009 show in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma at the Ford Center. I can not wait! Check it out here: Star Wars in Concert

It looks like Season 2 of Clone Wars is going to go a little darker & introduce a love interest for Obi-Wan. Not sure how I feel about that. I always thought Obi-wan was in the same camp as Dumbledore. The trailer is here: Clone Wars Season 2

DC Blackest Night looks fun. It is a zombie type feel storyline bringing back many of the heroes who have died in the last couple of years. Martian Manhunter & Aquaman being two of them. Sounds fun. Find out more here: Blackest Night

That is just the first little taste of the info coming out. More to come, I promise.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009


So if you look to your right you will see I have rearranged, added, & deleted some links. I decided to break them into the categories: Art, Love & Action Figures. Smart, huh? I don't have any for Love yet, but they should be showing up soon. If you have any suggestions for cool art sites, action figure sites, or love sites (not E harmony type crap)send them my way.

Comic-Con International Independent Film Festival 2009 Schedule

Wanna see it? Go here: Comic-Con International Independent Film Festival 2009 Schedule

Monday, July 06, 2009

Upcoming San Diego Comic Con

The con of cons, the San Diego Comic Con, starts with a preview night on July 22nd, 2009. The official start day is July 23rd running until July 26th at the San Diego Convention Center in San Diego, California. This is Comic Con's 40th year, growing from a tiny con in 1970 to the biggest Con in North America. People from all over the world flock to see television personalities, movie stars, singers, film makers, and most importantly, comic book legends & new aspiring comic book gods/goddesses. This years guests include artists like Brom, Kevin Eastman (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles creator), John Kricfalusi (Ren & Stimpy), Jim Lee (x-men, batman, etc.), as well as writers like Bill Willingham (Fables), Leonard Starr (story editor and head writer for the animated TV series Thundercats), Gail Simone (Wonder Woman), Geoff Johns (Flash: Rebirth), and celebrities like June Foray (voice of Nastasha and Rocket J. Squirrel from Rocky & Bullwinkle as well as Cindy Lou Who from the Grinch animated movie),hosts of Attack of the Show, Nutopia Kim, Vernon Wells, Larry Flash Jenkins, Mystery Science Theater 3000 and RiffTrax (Michael J. Nelson, Kevin Murphy, Bill Corbett). People like Elvira, Lynda Carter (Wonder Woman), Gil Gerard & Erin Grey (from Buck Rogers), & many more usually turn up as well. There are tons & tons of collectibles to buy, artists to talk to, writers to converse with, fan boys & girls, costumes, and more. It is the holy land of Geekdome. As it gets closer I will try to update you more on happenings and guest announcements. New toys are usually premiered as well as movies, TV Shows, and other geek goodies. One of the biggest draws is the EXCLUSIVES offered at the con. These are limited edition items offered only at the con to attendees. If anyone manages to score the exclusive Luke Skywalker and Han Solo in Stormtrooper Disguise 12-inch Figure Set for a certain Star Wars fangirl who blogs about Art Love & Action Figures, I promise I will build you a free website. Seriously. I won't maintain it for free, but I'll build it. If you can score me a smiling Luke pictured above, I'll make you a t-shirt, your design, anything goes, I even pay for the shirt and Shipping to you. Next year, the deals off, 'cause I'll be there.