Thursday, May 28, 2009


I urge you to go over to: Ladyhawke's Home Page and check her out. She is a really great musician & incorporates art into her CD covers & other things. She sometimes has limited edition works for sale online. Her music is great. It has a retro 80's feel, yet evolved. If you haven't heard her yet, go check her out!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Motorcycle maintenence

So there is a great local motorcycle dealer right off of Shields & 240 called Heartland Cycles. They helped me get a new battery for my Rebel about two years ago & were really friendly & great at customer service. Now I need front breaks. I e-mailed them today about my brakes & already received a reply. How fast is that!? Nowadays it seems no one ever gets back to you. They have a service dept. open on Saturdays and said to bring it by & it should only take a couple of hours & about $65.00. I hope they live up to my expectations of good service. I'll let you know! Oh, by the way, the sell used Motorcycles at a pretty reasonable price if you're looking.

Homeownership & roofing continued...

So, I called my agent, who then instructed me to call a roofer. Having watched enough stories of bad homeowner encounters with contractors, I first went to the Better Business Bureau & checked out who was listed with them. My first choice was Millennium Roofing & Construction. They had a nice website and allowed me to contact them online. I will contact two more sometime tomorrow. I want at least three estimates & three opinions on what needs to be done. It hailed golf ball sized pieces of ice on the roof today. I once again crawled up into the attic to try the string thing I saw on a DIY show. If you're not sure where the water is coming from but you have a general idea you are supposed to be able to put a sting in what you think is the waters path & it will run down the string into whatever you have the other end laying in. I know where the water is stopping, but unfortunately it is in an unconquerable space that I cannot reach. Let's hope I guessed right in the attic so the water won't have to run down the string in the living room into the bucket I have set up there anymore. I will be so glad when all of this is over.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Learning how

So, I learned today that Homeowner's Insurance helps with replacement costs of your roof in case you need to have it replaced. I plan on calling my agent & talking to her today about that. My insurance company is Mercury. I switched to this company from Allstate because Allstate had tripled my homeowner's insurance cost since the initial purchase. It was almost two grand. Mercury on the other hand was $800. It wasn't the cheapest I could get, but somewhere in the middle. I decided to share all this with you guys in case you ever have to go through this process. Hopefully it will be a nice easy process and the leak in my roof will be fixed as well as a new roof installed properly. I am going to start by simply calling my agent, not the insurance company directly, and talk with her about what I need to do to start the process. She is someone I like & trust & feel is very much on my side. I will update you more once I have spoken to her. Wish me luck!