Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Greatest Barbie Ever!

I thought it was a joke at first, but no! Mattel is releasing a Hitchcock Barbie from the movie "The Birds". It should be out in October of this year for around $45.00.

Monday, June 02, 2008

Do you really want that new light bulb?

These new florescent light bulbs last longer, so they say, and are better for energy use, but did you know they contain the toxin and naturally occurring poison Mercury. Mercury is highly toxic and has been linked to everything from Autism to inflamed colons to angry fits and more. There are hundreds of websites dedicated to trying to stop the use of mercury all together and many testimonials from victims of Mercury poisoning. Personally, I love saving energy, but not at the cost of more mercury in our dumps. Even though the packages tell you how to properly dispose of these light bulbs, I have already taken my own small survey of people, and found that no one really feels that they will actually dispose of them any differently than old light bulbs. Most didn't even know you were supposed to. So into the trash they go, once into the garbage truck they will be smashed releasing mercury vapors and trace amounts of mercury into the truck and into the landfill exposing waste management workers and landfill workers and eventually finding its way into our water systems. You do have to wash those trucks from time to time and it does rain on the landfill. Oh, by the way, those flu shots the government sends out every year...94 percent of them have 25 mcg of mercury in them. Children's vaccines? They also contain small doses. Do your own research and learn more. Here are some places to start:



What are the negatives of the old light bulbs? Certainly not public health and welfare.

Another paid commission

The father of a fellow working on helicopters wanted a shirt design for his son. He is the guy that has to deploy out and fix the helicopters wherever they are. He keeps those guys flying. He was coming home the 28th of May and then flying all over the USA for vacation and time with family. His father wanted a logo on front and then places and dates on the back like they put on concert shirts. Here are the two designs I came up with for the front. He seemed very pleased. He chose the second design. I tell ya, this getting paid for art thing is great!