Saturday, September 15, 2007

Star Wars Shadow Box

So, I decided to make a Star Wars Shadow box to hang on my wall. I took my original 1977-1983 Star Wars Lukes, Leias & Hans and painted appropriate background scenes and fit them inside. I really like the way it turned out. I was thinking of making more with different figures. G.I. joes, Movie maniacs, etc. I even thought about getting deeper boxes, that way I could fit extra inside and make actual 3d trees, rocks, or anything else that might be in the foreground/background with the characters. It keeps the dust off of them and there is more space to hang them, then there are shelves to sit things.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Newest Painting

They say they didn't know the radioactive cigarettes were harmful? What next Dr. Toxic and Chemical-o's? Can't we just live a little? Must it all be bad for us unless it's grown from nature?

Meerkat Manor fans?!

Boy, these little guys are well fed!

Butterfly garden at the zoo

I got some great shots of animals at the zoo, but by far I think this was the best one. They had two cool butterfly exhibits.

Guess who went to the ZOO!

T and I recently got away for a perfect day at the zoo! The temperature was perfect and we saw almost all the animals except the tigers. My favorite Gorilla wasn't there and it looks like he may not live there anymore. They have a great new addition for the state centennial featuring most of Oklahoma's native residents. They even built a really cool night exhibit in a barn. It really was a great exhibit. I still think the Tulsa zoo is quite a bit better, but overall it was great fun!

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Seriously! Check out this site!

Oh man, I laughed my butt off when I watched this great short called "Game Over"! Check this site out!

Gear up for Resident Evil 3!

Get ready! Milla Jovovich and Ali Larter(Heroes on NBC) are in the 3rd installment of the Resident Evil Movies! Ali is going to be Claire Redfield! Sweet! Looks like there is no Jill Valentine this time though. Boo! NECA is releasing new figs, too! Check out this Licker fig!

Ruth, Baby?!

Hey alright! Goonies toys! All the Goonies will be availble this fall. Get your Sloth on!

Look Who Found My Blog! MOM!

So here's the E-mail my Mom sent me after she found my Blog (not that it was hiding or anything):

Hi Dearest Jen,
How are you? Don't let your frustrations cause you to use language that is unbecoming to you. You are much too sweet a young lady to talk like that. Your Mamaw would really be hurt too. I know you are you but you are you and I like the sweet Jen...not the ANGRY OTHER Jen. I know there are bad things in life but we need to look at the good and there is a lot of good in our lives. I love you. (that's one.)
I know you are expressing yourself and I know you are angry...but...don't happy!
I like some of the other things I saw on your the rainbow to your garden. Now that was sweet!

Oh, but that's not all! Here's one more:

I think a BLOG rating of G for General is a good
thing! I wouldn't want to change that.

I am your Mom and I love you.

I know she loves me, but she's always had a bit of a problem understanding freedom of expression. I'm an Artist as most of you know. Ironic, eh? Oh, and did I mention I'm almost 33 years old, have a job, live 60 miles away, own a house, and live independently of my parents and have since I was about 22?
No joke, I do. She's 58 on Sept. 13th. At least once a year she googles me and then calls me or emails me about what she's found and there is usually some form of disapproval involved. Moms...what can you do? Kinda weird. I don't think I've ever googled her.