Wednesday, July 18, 2007

San Diego Comic Con Exclusive

Check out this AWESOME Exclusive Abe Sapien figure available from Mezco! There are only 3000 made and they will be available at the San Diego Comic Convention. So for the LOVE of all things great and small, if you go PLEASE get me one! I'll pay ya the $25.00!

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Saturday, July 07, 2007

Alive and Kickin'

Howdy! First off, long time no blog. So much has happened the last couple months I am sure I will forget something. First off is of course the double major Graduation ceremony of someone we all know and love from the University of Oklahoma. Her picture is included in this message. Second, HALLELUJAH!, it finally stopped raining! I have had a water hole in my back yard for three months now. It was supposed to be a patio. I have started working on starting up a t-shirt company and doing freelance art stuffs. However, right now I have a block going on and I am a bit down. Okay, I admit a bit depressed. Okay...a lot depressed. I can't stand creative blocks. I need to get away. Preferably somewhere I have never been. Any suggestions? OH! My acorn squash soup is done. Blog ya later.