Wednesday, January 10, 2007


I really wanna go to the Art Extravaganza that is Momentum this weekend, Jan 12th & 13th, 8pm to Midnight, 1701 South Western, in OKC, but I don't wanna go alone. I really need to get together with some people and be able to talk Art and Life and Death and Blah, blah, blah. Of course, it is supposed to spit ice or something this weekend, so it probably won't be a good weekend to do anything. I need PEOPLE!!!! Which is really weird for me. I'm usually very hermity. That's my resolution! To be less Hermity and to meet new people despite the 18 years of brainwashing by my parents that strangers are all homicidal satanic maniacs that want to murder me. Ha ha. Yeah.... Maybe I'll just stay home.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Oh! Almost, But Not!

Yet another attempt by our inept postal worker! Gee, I hope the USPS is helping keep my Identity safe. Oh wait, who's side are they on? The Terrorists?!

Mailman Can't Get It In The Slot

Literally. My mailman is apparently incapable of getting the mail in the mail slot. He says the slots not big enough. No joke. The mailbox I bought after having Identity Theft problems locks and was approved by the USPS and also recommended by not only the Police Dept., but also the USPS themselves. However, my inadequate postal carrier argued with me that the mail won't fit, and told me I have to leave it unlocked. Unlocked? How is that going to keep people from stealing my mail again? I told him no, and that his suggestion didn't make sense. Mind you, I got one I was sure 5 Magazines, a couple catalogs, and some mail could fit in. Also know , I can get it to fit with ease. It's not difficult. Maybe it's not in a big fist-full wad like he stuffs boxes (haha) but it fits, a couple pieces at a time maybe. All of it. With plenty of breathing room. Maybe it takes seven seconds instead of four to get it in there, but I have no problems. Of course I get paid by the hour...postal carriers make the same no matter how fast or slow they go. Take a look at the pictures of the great service the USPS is providing me as a first time home owner. To be continued...