Sunday, March 12, 2006

Love is Beautiful

Wanna see a REAL miracle?

This is a pic i took. Thought I'd share.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Silent Hill

So they have turned the Scariest Video Game EVER into a movie. Personally, this is my favorite game of all time. I became very unhinged when I heard they were adapting it for the Big Screen. I had a specific way I had envisioned the shots. How the camera would follow actors and move. Certain angles. So, I clicked on the Trailer and "WOW!" there it all was. I was so excited. It looks like they may hit the nail on the head. Of course if they do, I won't be able to sleep for days. Check it out at:

Here's the NEW Ken

Toy Fair News Disappointing Overall

Well, I said I'd keep you up to date with anything cool outta the Toy Fair, but i really didn't find much of anything exciting. Mattel is going to bet all there $$$ on the Superman movie. If Mattel is doing them don't bet high. They will probably not excite collectors nor children. They are going for role-playing items like capes, muscle suits, punch-n-crunch fists that make noise and an r/c flying Superman...... Hey Warner Bros.!!!! Here's an idea! Have Neca or Sideshow make the figs. Gear them towards the "kids" buying the "toys". The 30 year olds.

Other than that there really is no news other than Cartoon Network awarding Bandai America the rights to make toys of it's original series Ben 10, Lego signed a Star Wars agreement that should keep Star WArs Lego coming until 2011, a Hannibal Lector Fig. from Neca, Terminator 2 Figs from Sideshow, and Ken is BACK! That's right, Ken returns to the Barbie line-up and yes, he STILL looks gay. Maybe Blaine and Ken can hook-up and dress as cowboys! Hey, you could do a Brokeback Mountain Ken and Blaine set like the Rhett and Scarlett set!