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Worst Villains of Supergirl

There's no new Supergirl this Sunday, so I thought I'd share with you my top ten WORST Supergirl villains of the CW Supergirl TV Series.  These are villains that either just went nowhere, had potential but where one-shotted, were just plain bad, or just didn't work at all.

Supergirl has a terrible habit of introducing fantastic villains and just misusing them.  Either by sticking them in one episode or as a filler villain and then offing them so easily that you're left disbelieving they were ever really a threat to begin with.

One of those is Jemm. First of all, Jemm isn't really a villain in the updated canon of DC Comics.  He's a red Martian and a clone.  The green Martians cloned a red working class that they treated as equals that ended up settling Saturns moons.  The white Martians cloned yellow Martians as slaves.
Jemm is a red Martian. He has telepathy like J'onn J'onzz.  Later on in canon, he was brainwashed by Lex Luthor using the Philosopher's Stone.  

CW Supergirl however, made Jemm a ruthless convict that had been sentenced to Fort Rozz and who escaped the DEO during an earthquake.  It was a filler episode. He used his psychic powers for evil, nearly kills Alex, Supergirl's sister, but is killed by Hank Henshaw (who is secretly the Martian Manhunter) and that's the end of that.  The character can't be used again.  He's dead.  All of the Martian Manhunter stories later on in the series could have used him as well as when Lex showed up.  Unfortunately, early Supergirl didn't have much foresight.  

So, Jemm is #10 just for misuse.


Another character that was a one-shot and killed was T.O. Morrow.  This was incredibly disappointing for me because T.O. Morrow created the Red Tornado and I LOVE the Red Tornado.  Now, CW Supergirl did have him use his genius to created Red Tornado, so points for that.  Let me tell you.  It was the absolute cheesiest and worst Red Tornado I have ever seen.  So bad. In comic canon Red Tornado eventually turns on Dr. Morrow and becomes a good guy.  Not in Supergirl. Nope. Alex kills T.O. Morrow and Supergirl uses all her angst and trauma and newfound knowledge of shady crap her parents did to blast the android to pieces. This is still, arguably one of the best moments in Supergirl as a whole and honestly, it was the scene that made me decide I was in it for the long haul. Still, And again, that's the end of that.  Game over.  No more T.O. Morrow, who would've been awesome on "The Flash". No more Red Tornado.

T.O. Morrow is #9

Moving on, Season 3 of Supergirl was full of bad guys.  Morgan Edge, Lillian Luthor, Reign, Purity, Pestilence and the Kryptonian witch that created the Worldkillers, Selena.  

Purity, the Worldkiller.  Purity was a ridiculous character. Part Kryptonian, part Black Siren, Part Martian Manhunter, this character was all over the place. Her powers were whatever they needed for them to be in the moment and it just didn't work.  She was a character created simply to show us that it was possible to seperate the Worldkiller from the Person and give us some hope that Sam Arias/Reign might be saved.  But only IF she really wanted to be. We meet her as Julia right before Supergirl scaring her triggers her powers.  She is eventually absorbed into Reign after helping take down her sister WorldKiller Pestilence with a sonic scream. I'm putting Purity at #8 because...what a mess.

Purity is #8

Related image

Pestilence was another one of these Worldkillers.  Pestilence, who we find out from the Legion of Superheroes' Saturn Girl, would evolve over time and become more powerful.  She would eventually be known as Blight and become responsible for the destruction of almost all life in the 31st century. Holy cow!  That's some serious power, right!? This makes her far more dangerous than our main antagonist Reign.  However, she is easily and quickly defeated and absorbed by Reign.  We are told as an audience that the Legion traveled back in time just to kill Blight/Pestilence in her non-evolved stage because once she had evolved she was impossible to stop.  The Legion have now altered time and what happens in the 31st century is unknown. I'm putting Pestilence at #7 because this was such a let down fight.  They barely used her and when we see her she is so easily defeated, it's laughable.  The entire Worldkiller storyline should have been handled better.  Getting to know Reign's alter-ego Sam Arias, is what made us care.  It would've been great is each of these women had been utilized throughout the season as characters that we got to know and care about and when they changed to the Worldkillers it would have been far more impactful.  

Pestilince is #7

Image result for CW Supergirl Pestilence

Back to season 1.  I love season 1, but man, it had some problems. Villains being a big one.

Indigo came in at the back half of season one.  She's played by the actress that played Supergirl in Smallville. Laura VanderVoort. She was basically a replacement for Kara's Aunt Astra, who had been the big villain, but was killed by her adopted sister Alex when she shoved a Kryptonite sword through her chest.  This left her Uncle Non to take over and he was far more ruthless than Astra.  Suddenly, out of nowhere we get Indigo. She has come to Earth, hacks computers, causes chaos and then discovers Non is on Earth.  She seduces him, their whole relationship is creepy uncomfortable, they team up to destroy humans and after almost succeeding in killing everyone on Earth with Myriad, is ripped in half by J'onn J'onzz aka the Martian Manhunter as Kara flies Myriad out to space where the harmful brainwaves can do no harm. 

Okay, Indigo is a Brainiac. Not just any Brainiac, but Brainiac 8. She's a Titans/Young Justice character. Originally, she was sent to kill Donna Troy because the events that take place after "Crisis on Infinite Earths" negate Coluan domination over organics. Brainiacs are a type of android or living computer, as are Coluans. She is both a Brainiac and a Coluan.  She eventaully turns good, but can't fight the evil that is Brainiac. Indigo in Supergirl is absolutely nothing like Indigo in the comics. Not to mention that we meet Brainiac 5 in season 4 and there is not even a mention of Brainiac 8.  You'd think if this team had killed a member of your family, you'd mention it.

Indigo was annoying at best.  The costume was okay, I guess. Sexy Brainiac is always going to be weird. Sexy seductive Brainiac is creepy as hell if you understand and know the history of the Brainiac family. No thank you.  So, just the fact that she was nothing like her comic version and she came out of nowhere and she creeped me out, Indigo lands at #6.

Indigo is #6

Image result for indigo supergirl

Okay, you know what? I have written far more than I planned to and this is taking way longer than I expected, so, we're going to make this a two-parter.  This is part 1.  10-6. Part 2 will be 5-1. 

Feel free to comment or share your thoughts on my ranking and list so far.

The worst is yet to come.

The absolute WORST. The most underused, completely screwed up, over-hyped and character assassinated Villains of all.

The ones with so much potential that left us disappointed and sometimes a little mad.

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New Comic Review: Star

I know, another post!  I'm on a roll! Okay, so on NCBD (New Comic Book Day) I picked up the 1st issue of a comic titled "Star".  I liked the cover art, it was a female on the cover, and I flipped through it and was impressed with the art.  Good art will sell me a comic every time.

Related image
(cover by Carmen Carnero) 

I got it home and learned it tied in with Captain Marvel.  The wife is completely up-to-date on Captain Marvel, which I believe is on issue 12, and I'm on like, issue 4.  I didn't realize how tied in it was, but T (My wife) explained to me later that it was a big tie-in. 

Star's real name is Ripley Ryan. 

It was a solid read, good writing and fantastic art.  Kelly Thompson is the writer and let me tell you kids, there's nothing she has written that I haven't loved.  She's a super duper comic writer.  In fact, I had no idea how many things she had written that I had picked up and loved until I did a little research.  Her run on Jem & the Holograms, Mr. and Mrs. X with Rogue and Gambit, and of course, Captain Marvel. 

I definitely want to read issue 2. 

I highly recommend picking up the last 12 issues, or at least the TP (Trade paperback) of Captain Marvel by Kelly Thompson, but you can pick up Star issue 1 right now.  It does a great job of filling you in on what happened to get the character to were she is when issue 1 starts, so you don't really feel lost or like you have to read Captain Marvel.

Oh, and did I mention she has an Infinity stone lodged inside her chest? 

Thanks for stopping by.

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Many of my links on the side are dead.  I'll be updating them.  Reading and Watching should be updated.

Supergirl 38


Okay, see, for real. I'm blogging more.  Welcome back.  Not only am I a fan of the Supergirl series on CW, I've been reading Supergirl since before her relaunch in comics.  I have amassed most of Sterling Gates Supergirls and the New 52 as well. This past holiday I was even gifted with the November 1974 first issue of Supergirl by my lovely wife. 

It's NCBD (New Comic Book Day) today and I went down to my local shop and picked up the newest issue of the Maid of Might, Supergirl 38.  There were 2 covers available at my shop. The one you see above with the titles and everything and one by Artgerm.  While I do appreciate a good Artgerm cover, I opted for the one with Wonder Woman because, well, Wonder Woman.  She and Kara don't get to spend time together much these days, so this was a little more tempting than Artgerm's cover.

[DC Comics; Supergirl (series 7) 38 (variant cardstock cover - Derrick Chew)]
(Artgerm Variant Cover)

We get a whole bunch of Krypto in this issue.  Krypto has become a pretty steady sidekick since Lois and Clark's son, Jon, left with the Legion of Superheroes.  I love that.  I've always been a big Krypto fan, and honestly, Krypto is good for her.  Even though Kara has been infected by the Batman Who Laughs, Krypto has stuck by her and done the best he can to help her.  He's the best boy.

So, as I mentioned Kara has been infected by The Batman Who Laughs.  My first introduction to this character was in DC's mini-series Dark Knights: METAL.  He was aiming for Superman, but Kara caught the infected Bat-a-rang that was headed for Kal. Since then, 5 other heroes were also infected and they were referred to as the "Secret Six".  I'm not sure what the Secret Six was supposed to do or amount to but it seemed like just a cute little name they tacked on.  Everyone went their separate way from Supergirl immediately after one issue.

Kara's been infected now for about 3 issues, if I'm remembering correctly, as well as in Batman/Superman and the Supergirl Annual 2.  What the infection has done is a bit interesting.  It has brought her trauma to the forefront. All the trauma of losing her planet, losing her culture, and ultimately being the only REAL Kryptonian left.  Kal-El/Clark is Kryptonian by blood, but he was raised in Kansas by midwestern people with midwestern values.  He remembers nothing of Krypton, and in most of the past timelines has had little more than a passing curiosity about learning about his people.

Kara, on the other hand was anywhere from 12 to 18, depending on what version you go with, when she left Krypton.  She remembers everything.  She had friends, family, and a life there.
The infection has convinced her she needs to infect the world to "save" them. Of course, infecting the world is exactly what The Bat Who Laughs wants. Part of Kara's trauma is saving Earth.  She lost hers and she would do anything to save Earth. It is the underlying reason Kara is a Superhero. The trauma of losing everything.

Wonder Woman shows up to try and help.  There's a pretty good fight and...well, Spoilers.  You'll have to read it.

Overall, it was a good issue.  Good writing and good art.  I hope they explore this trauma further and I hope Krypto keeps tagging along.  Supergirl comics often play into the other titles and help prop up whatever storylines they have going on.  I would really love to see a strong storyline of her own soon.  I got ideas, DC.  E-mail me.

Sunday, December 29, 2019

Let's Talk Supergirl: Lena Luthor Edition

Hello Weirdos!

I'm thinking about making that my fanbase name.  You're all a bunch of weirdos.  I'm head weirdo.

Okay, on to our topic.  Supergirl and her BFF Lena Luthor.  You might be here because the tags #Supergirl #LenaLuthor led you here.  Let me tell you right up front, I heavily ship Supercorp.  However, that said, I am not one of those horrible people that attack the actors or the actors husbands because they play a character on a tv show that they don't like.  I can tell reality from fantasy.  Most of the time.

Lena Luthor.  Lena Luthor.  Lena Luthor captured my heart quicker than any character on a TV show ever has.  It was love at first site.  Not sexual love or romantic love, but a kind of parallel or sympathetic love.  Love for a fellow-sufferer.  Compassionate love. I just knew she was someone I was going to root for. She was someone I wanted to see be victorious in overcoming the Luthor name.  They set me up for that in her very first episode, "The Adventures of Supergirl".

"I'm just a woman, trying to make a name for herself, outside her family. You understand that?"

Like Kara, I was nodding yes. Yes, I do.  100%

"Give me a chance, Mr. Kent.  I'm here for a fresh start. Let me have one."

Yeah, Mr. Kent!  Let her have one!

Seriously. That was it.  I was on Lena's side instantly.  My affinity for her only grew stronger with each episode.  I felt very akin to Ms. Luthor.  I wasn't able to put my finger on it right away, but over the series it became crystal clear.

Lena Luthor was a trauma survivor.

Her real mother died when she was 4.  She watched her drown and blamed herself for not saving her.  Someone had convinced her this was something she should have done. Someone made her believe she didn't do enough. Someone made her feel guilty about it. We're never specifically told who, but it's easy to figure out who.  Her adoptive Mother.  Lillian Luthor.  Either directly, or indirectly through her mental abuse.

Lillian Luthor. Narcissist.

Lillian Luthor. Who despite her sons crimes, feels he is the golden child.  He can do no wrong, while Lena can do no right.  We do see her change her mind about her son once he tries to kill her.  Narcissists don't generally forgive that.

Lillian Luthor. Who had zero nurturing skills and passive aggressively tore Lena apart every chance she got.

Lillian Luthor. A personality I was all too familiar with.

Lena was smarter than Lillian.  She was smarter than Lex.  Lillian hated her for it.  Lillian hated her for many reasons.  One being the fact that Lena was the result of her husband's infidelity. At least Lena had that going for her.  Lillian wasn't her REAL Mother.  However, as we all know, the people that raise you are the people that fuck you up or give you the life coping skills you need.

I was seeing myself.  Here was a character trying to overcome everything she'd been through.  All the trauma, all the guilt, all the suffering, all the passive aggressive comments and jabs. She was alone. No one was on her side.  Not until Kara Danvers came along.

What she had accomplished was amazing.  She stood proud.  She was smart. She was beautiful.  She was creative and inventive and all she wanted in the world was to help people.  She was a very good businesswoman and in helping made a huge profit.  There's nothing shady about that.  Some Supergirl fans disagree.

Lena has always walked in the misty areas of good/bad.  She's what I would describe as a gray character.  Not overtly good but certainly not bad.  Her traumas and suffering absolutely color her choices, but in the opposite way of her brother's.  Lex Luthor wants to harm and maim and kill just as much as Lena wants to heal and help and save. Sometimes, her isolation and trauma hamper her understanding of what is considered "socially acceptable".

People that haven't been isolated,  raised by a narcissist, lied to constantly and had their moral compass smashed to bits and had to find their own way have a hard time understanding characters like this.

Lena not only had a Narcissist parent, but an addict parent and a megalomaniac psychopath brother.  Lena Luthor is incredibly strong to have overcome so much, right?  Well, as we are learning, no.

Lena is broken and has no coping skills.  She suffers from invalidation, instability, exploitation, manipulation, neglect, not being able to tell when someone is being superficial and control issues.  It's why, season after season we have watched Lena invite the wrong people into her life.  Queen Rhea, Eve Tessmacher, and more.  She literally runs to people who need fixed because she wants to help them. Desperately.  She is trying to save the world, cure cancer, be a hero BECAUSE of her trauma.  She trusts no one and at the same time trusts too soon when she thinks there's a connection, hoping for validation.  She had closed herself off completely after leaving Jack. Jack, who, for what we were shown, seems to have been really good for her.  Which is probably part of the reason she left.  Shame and guilt.  She most likely felt he deserved better.  Her Brother had just murdered who knows how many people in Metropolis trying to kill Superman.  She couldn't smear his name with her trauma.  She had to leave.  Run away. And she did. Right to Supergirl.

Lena's first interactions with Supergirl were interesting.  She was clearly thrilled to be teaming up.  Her over-enthusiasm fits perfectly with someone suffering the traumas of a Narcissistic parent. Especially when the other child had tried to kill a Super and failed.  It was rebellion and validation all in one.  Supergirl accepted her.  Supergirl BELIEVED in her.  Then, inevitably, Supergirl let her down. They had a disagreement and that was it.  Lena was done with her.  This too, is part of her trauma.  She still had Kara. Kara Danvers.  She clung to Kara.

Image result for lena luthor
And then the reveal.  Not by the person she trusted the most. No. By the person that had just manipulated and used her.  By the person that she had decided was a clear and present danger to the person she loved most in all the world.  Kara Danvers.  She killed her brother for Kara Danvers.  Kara Danvers, who ended up being someone who didn't need protecting at all.  She killed her brother for the Girl of Steel.  She broke.  Completely.

So here we are.  Season 5.  Lena is completely broken and making self-destructive choices.  How do I feel?  Scared to death.  Television isn't kind to people suffering from mental abuse and who have mental illness. Television often makes them the "bad guy" and irredeemable. I don't want to see this.

What do I want to see?  Well, let me tell you.  I want to see a group of friends decide that hell no, they aren't going to let their friend self-destruct. I want to see the challenges and the fight to help her.


That's Supergirl's motto. So show me, Supergirl.  Don't just tell me.  SHOW ME.

Show me, show the world, that mental illness can be managed.  Show the world how to not give up on someone and steer them towards healing.  Show the world that therapy and love and compassion can heal.  Show me that there's hope for Lena Luthor and in the process that there's all those things for people like her.  Lena wants help.  We've seen it throughout this arc.  If she didn't, it'd be a different story.

Lena is Good.  They will never convince me otherwise. Please don't let these characters fail her.

This cast has recently come forward about trauma and abuse and mental illness. Our very own Supergirl came forward as a victim of Intimate Partner Violence.  Melissa's Instagram video was harrowing and brave and so needed.  Chris Wood has a charity called "I Don't Mind" that helps with mental wellness.  Chyler Leigh recently came forward as bi-polar in an effort to help erase the stigma of mental illness.  All of this, so important, but you know what is also important?  Showing it in the fictional realm.  Showing it in storytelling.  Showing the world that someone like Lena Luthor can be okay.  That she is loved.  That people care.  That she is valid and deserving and that mistakes can be righted.  We've learned over the last 100 years how impactful television can be.  Even now, the propaganda machine is at war with storytelling and facts.

Come on, Supergirl.  Do this.  Not just for me.  Do it for all of us that have sat through series after series watching those gray characters, those hurting characters, those survivors of trauma we identified with vilified.  It's time to change the conversation.  Fight for Lena.

Image result for lena luthor

Hello Faithful Followers

Wow, 10/29/18 was the last time I blogged?  Really?  Sheesh.  I doubt there's anyone left to read this, but hello.

I recently changed jobs, and that is going to free up more time for me to devote back to this space.  I've missed it.  I really love breaking down shows and thinking out loud and sharing what I'm excited about.

The internet has changed a ton since I started this blog.  It's become less about learning and more about attacking people and narcissism.  Narcissism is going to be a topic I'm going to get into eventually here.  In fact, we're going to start talking about mental illness regularly.  Don't be scared though.  It's going to be okay.

Let's see.  What's happened since 10/29/18?  Oh yeah, my Dad tried to die on my birthday.  He has chronic appendicitis and he went septic and shut down on my birthday in 2018.  They had to pump 4 different blood pressure meds into him, have a line right into his heart, and put him on a ventilator just to keep him alive.  I learned quite a bit about hospitals, which was very fortunate because on July 11, 2019, my wife had a motorcycle accident.

Now, let me stop right there and tell you, there is nothing scarier than getting a call from the person you love most on this planet, and the entire universe for that matter, and hearing her tiny afraid and hurting voice on the other side telling you to hurry and get to her because she's been in a motorcycle accident.  Not just a car accident.  A MOTORCYCLE accident.

My head was spinning.  Was she dying?  Were her guts hanging out?  Were there bones protruding from places that bones weren't supposed to protrude from?  I was going to get on my Motorcycle and ride to her, but luckily a co-worker talked me out of it and took me.  A queer co-worker.  Someone who understood.  He was amazing.

Have you watched that show with Angela Bassett?  9-11?  We watched it all the time and loved it.  Remember the motorcycle accident one?  The dude, for his 40th birthday, buys a Harley and sets off and immediately gets into an accident that separates his top half from his bottom half and his guts are in the street but he doesn't realize he's dead already and calls his kid to say Happy Birthday or something before he dies.  Yeah, that's all I could think about.

I was back and forth between absolute panic and calm control.

I got there, ran to her, was happy to see her all in one piece, grabbed her little hand and told her she was okay.

I had no idea if she was okay.  For all I knew she was internally bleeding.  I was completely calm once I got to her.  I was a little surprised how well I did.  I beat the damn ambulance there.  She was in a whole lot of pain.

Let me tell you, seeing the most important person in your life screaming in utter pain as they lift them from the asphalt to a board to a gurney is hard.  Weird instincts kick in and you have to fight them.

So yeah, all of that was new and terrible. Also, quite a learning experience. I definitely feel like an adult now.  That might sound silly, but mental abuse can keep you from believing plenty about yourself. And just like that, we're back to mental health.

Okay, well, my next post is going to be Supergirl related.  Heavy on the Lena Luthor. Yep, still on that.  I love me some Supergirl.  Lena Luthor has a special place in my heart.

Monday, October 29, 2018

Supergirl season 4 episode "Man of Steel"

Hey faithful followers!  It's a Supergirl tv episode review!

This week's episode: Man of Steel

"Man of steel" does not refer to Clark/Kal. It refers to the man that will end up being our season villain, Ben Lockwood aka Agent Liberty.

Supergirl has decided to tackle relevant political and social events happening currently in this country.  I admire them for that. It heaps the criticism on them, and they might be heavy handed sometimes, or miss the mark, but I'm glad they're trying. At least someone is standing up.

That said, this week was a setup episode for our villain. They went for the familiar trope of "this guy becomes an asshole through loss" and frankly, it's an old worn out trope that isn't relevant. Most of these KKK Nazi White Supremacist types haven't lost anything. Even if they had, it isn't due to minorities or immigrants.  This episode shows Ben Lockwood slowly go from liberal and open-minded to fearful and close-minded because of aliens. Aliens take his Father's steel workers jobs and ultimately close the family factory by opening a better Nth metal factory across the street. His Father refuses to upgrade and when he decides to, his loan is denied.

The Daxamite invasion happens and his house and all worldly possessions are destroyed.

He then loses his Professor job at the local college because he has started preaching bigoted rhetoric about aliens in his class.

All of this is to show us how someone can become radicalized. They toss a fair amount of toxic masculinity in there for good measure between him and his Dad. Unfortunately,  most of this just doesn't work. His Dad was believable. Ben, well, not so much.

First of all, aliens did destroy his house and take away jobs and kind of are really the source of all the misery in his life. This mirrors nothing in reality. Immigrants aren't taking jobs or burning down people's houses. They aren't attacking people. The Nazis and white supremacists in this country haven't lost anything. It's that fear of losing things and toxic masculinity that has told them emotion is a weakness that is our current problem. Greed and lack of empathy. Xenophobia and refusing to get to know people of color or other cultures.  Not accepting change.

That's why Ben's dad was more realistic.  He's just a angry well off white dude that hates everything because it's changing and evolving in a way that scares him and he refuses to learn and grow.

Ben ends up bludgeoning an alien to death with a lead pipe and joining Lex Luthor's head lady, Mercy Graves, to create an anti-alien movement. He becomes Agent Liberty.

I really hope they don't expect anyone to sympathize with a murderer. Nothing that happened to Ben Lockwood was realistic or even close to what has caused the rise of hate in this country and no one should ever sympathize with a Nazi.

So, they tried.

They missed.

But the fact that not just Supergirl,  but Kara and Nia and Alex and others are taking a stand against hate and that the show is trying very hard to show people to stand up together is a good thing.

I do like what they are doing with Lena Luthor. They are playing her right down the middle. The business woman profiting off of both sides while not taking a side. Friends with Kara, helping Supergirl but also making money off alien detection devices as well as image inducers aliens use to look normal. She's eventually going to be pushed into a place where she's forced to pick a side.

Lena is good.

You'll never convince me otherwise.

There's my review.

Thanks for reading.

Tuesday, November 07, 2017

Let's Talk Supergirl!

Hey there!  Long time, not post.  Life happens.

So, most everyone, critics & fans alike, agree that season 2 of Supergirl was a complete & utter disaster.  It lost it's way and became male centric & we lost our hero somewhere in the mix.

Then there was the San Diego Comic Con debacle.  It was hurtful & aimed at a specific ship in the Supergirl fandom.  The main LGBTQ ship, Supercorp.

A few of the cast apologized & fought pretty hard to win fans back.  Some stayed silent.  It definitely made me feel differently about some of the actors I had really liked.  I won't be sad if a few get written off the show.

Then, we got worse news.  Floriana Lima who plays "Maggie Sawyer" decided to leave the show.  One half of the only canon LGBTQ ship, Sanvers, was now going to be gone.   That meant the ship that the show had been pushing & promoting was now in jeopardy.  Fans reactions ranged from understanding, but upset, to calling the show runners & producers all sorts of nasty names & blaming actors that didn't even have anything to do with it.

This fandom is the first fandom I've joined since Xena. I gotta say, the Xena fandom had some knuckleheads, but I don't remember any trolls or complete jerks.  Supergirl fandom has more than a few.  It's disappointing.  Some of us do our best to call them out, but haters gonna hate.

Now, knowing Sanvers was a huge part of the Supergirl following, I think the writers, directors & all those involved have done a fantastic job of dealing with the exit of one of their actors. Many fans feel the storyline is unbelievable, but I disagree.


Sanvers break up because Alex wants kids & Maggie doesn't.  That's a legit reason to go separate ways.  A real life reason.  These characters fell fast & Alex jumped the gun with the proposal, in my opinion.  Many fans cannot accept that the kids discussion didn't happen before the proposal.  I can tell you, from personal experience, this sometimes happens.  You make a commitment to someone & when all the excitement calms a little, you start talking about the important things.  Sometimes, you realize you want different things.  Like kids or dogs or to live in California & not in the same small town you grew up in.  What do you do?  Well, one of you gives up what you want or one of you leaves.

The fact is, Floriana Lima was leaving.  They had to do something.  They did a great job of making the break-up realistic & respectful.

Now, let's get to this seasons writing.

Holy Moley!  Can we say a 99% improvement!?  Um, yes. Yes we can.

Eric Carrasco, Cindy Lichtman, Katie Rose Rogers, Paula Yoo, Jessica Queller, & Derek Simon have done a fantastic job so far.  There's still a few little things here & there, but most are forgivable.  They really seem to have listened to the legit criticisms & made good course changes.  Great job, guys!  Keep it up!

This season made Katie McGrath a series regular rather than just a guest star & this Lena Luthor fan couldn't be happier!  The dynamic between Lena Luthor & Kara Danvers as well as Supergirl is what kept me with the show last season & they are really fleshing Lena out this season & building more on that dynamic.

We also added Odette Annabelle as "Sam Arias" who will later become "Reign" and she is a wonderful addition to the cast.  I already love Sam & it's going to be heartbreaking to see her transform into the "World Killer" Reign. 

The writers also seem to be pulling form source material more.  We got the "Cult of Rao" which is a nod to comic cannon.  It also gave us a peek into Kara's past on Krypton, which is something that sorely lacking last season.

The writers seem to have pulled the show back to female centric, which is what Supergirl should be.  They've given us the "Danvers sister" moments back.  They've pulled back on Guardian, thank Rao!  We are getting to see Kara struggle with being the only real survivor of Krypton.  Sure Clark is Kryptonian as well, but Kara was 12 when she left.  She understood the culture, the religion, the laws & so much more that Clark has no connection to.  For her to actively dealing with the loss of that just makes sense.  

So, I absolutely love this season so far.  In fact, I'm going to say that all 5 of Season 3's episodes have nailed it.  I can't wait for more & I'm really glad the Girl of Steel has returned.

Now, Mon-El is supposed to make a return, but I feel like this will be a very small part of this season & then we will be rid of him for good.  Just a wrap up really.  Also a way to introduce the "Legion of Superheroes" and Saturn Girl & Brainiac 5.  

There are rumors that they plan to pair up Lena & James.  Great Hera, I hope not.  Their ship name says it all.  #Lames

Overall, Season 3 has been a great watch.

I'll update more on Supergirl in later posts.

Thanks for reading.

Wednesday, May 03, 2017

The Return of Supergirl

Hey, kids! Let's talk about the turn around of Supergirl since we've returned from the break.


First noticable change? More Kara.  Way more Kara. More Supergirl doing stuff.  More time with the ladies in general. That's a change for the better.  Also, the return of Lena Luthor.  Clearly the break-out character of season 2.

The first episode back from the break is episode 18 - "Ace Reporter" and prominently features Lena Luthor.   We get some backstory to her character that is unrelated to her infamous brother or her villainous family.  We meet her ex, Jack Spheer, played by IZomie's Rahul Kohli.  They worked together trying to find a cure for cancer and other noble deeds.  While it was totally unnecessary for him to be a past lover or Lena's "Kryponite", rather than just someone Lena had a deep connection and bond with or someone she just trusted or someone she just worked closely and passionately with. Our female characters were once again reduced to using that trope to feed us the information.

We open the episode with Kara ready to kick ass and take names, but there is absolutely nothing for her to do.  She goes home to "grief bake" over the loss of her Catco job.  Lena pops by and asks Kara to go on another "date" with her because she fears she will fall back under Jack's spell & do something she will regret because he is a "weakness" for her.  Okay, yeah, kinda yucky, but also if you ship Supercorp, you had to grin at the fact that Lena was taking Kara along to keep her from ending up with Jack.  Just sayin'.

Kara of course goes with her and runs into her ex-Catco boss Snapper Carr, who insults her in front of Lena and all she can do is come back with a ageist slight.  She does manage to get the first question and get Snapper to shut up after trying to cut her off. Jack later states that she "grilled" him.  I guess we are supposed to believe she shined with the journalism after seeing one question. Next, we see Jack chasing Lena as her and Kara leave and asking her to dinner.  Kara, feeling like a third wheel, despite Lena asking her to go so that she wouldn't fall prey to her "Kryptonite", leaves the two alone.  Ummm....okay?

A man approaches Kara on her way out and says he has damning evidence that Jack's nanobots are dangerous & he wants to meet her alone with intel later.

So, what the writers have done is set up a scenario with Lena and Jack and Kara, in which Lena will have to choose between Jack & Kara/Supergirl.  Hmmm...interesting.  Supercorp shippers were pretty happy with Lena's choice, but it was sad to see Lena hurt again in order to help save the city. Who's the hero in this show again?

Kara meets the source who is killed by the Nanobots right in front of her and we get a cool CGI effect of Kara on fire with her shirt burned just right to show us her Supergirl crest beneath.  Cheesy as hell, but, I'm okay with cheese.  In fact, I eat it up.

Supergirl later saves Snapper Carr from the Nanobots as they kill the second source that had contacted Snapper with similar damning evidence.

Nanobots 2, Supergirl ZERO.  Hmmm....okay.   Kara/Supergirl doesn't really seem too affected by the deaths either.  No outrage, no tears, no feelings of failure.  Just a quick scene with her hand over her mouth. Um, yeah, okay.

She goes home to Mon-El and he tells her Lena called her to try and talk her out of going to dinner with Jack.  Kara rushes off to crash their dinner with Mon-el in tow.

After an awkward exchange between the characters at dinner, Kara and Mon-El break into Spheerical Industries to search Jack's computer for more damning evidence with the Security badge that Mon-El snagged off Jack.  He never seems to notice and doesn't mention it later.

Now, this moment with Kara and Mon-El was fantastic.  They are really fun to watch when they are being sleuthy goofs.  I really wish we could have seen more of this type of relationship between the characters and less of the romantic and slave-owning, self-absorbed, abusive d-bag characterization we got all through season 2. It felt very scooby-doo and it was fun.  Melissa and Chris have great chemistry together but the writers really made Mon-El completely unlikable early on in season 2 and they never came through with the hero-training/mentor relationship we thought we would see.  It could have been hilariously fun.  I was totally on board for Karamel (Ship name for Mon-El/Kara) early on, but that just wrote him as such a dick, I dropped it. Sad, really.  Unfortunate for Chris Wood, who would have shined.

Anyhoo...back to the episode. Kara and Mon-El hack Jack's computer and conveniently find a video of him injecting the nanobots into himself and becoming the nanobots Kara saw killing the two sources.

At the same time, Lena & Jack are back at L-Corp making out when Jack becomes aware of the break-in via being a nanobot and sensing it.  He stops making out with Lena and leaves her cold and confused. Poor Lena.

Kara shows up the NEXT DAY to warn Lena.  Sure glad those bots didn't seduce her into a similar fate that night.  Good thing Jack had to leave.  Whew!  It was almost bots 3, Kara ZERO.

Lena is hesitant to believe Kara and promises she will not go confront him, then, as soon as Kara leaves, she goes to confront him.  We learn that he is indeed the bot and has indeed killed the two sources but that he was not in control. Instead, his greedy coworker has been in control all along.  He was innocent and truly felt for Lena and regretted their parting and missed her but now, the greedy corporate employee of Mr. Spheer plans on making Lena a controllable bot swarm as well!

I'm glad that Corporate Greed was the real villain here.

Supergirl shows up just in time to put save Lena but put her in the situation where she has to choose between saving Jack or Supergirl.  It really wasn't much of a choice though.  Jack was nothing but a bunch of mind-controlled bots now.  She could never truly free him from them.  He pleads with her to kill him and so she does, by destroying the bots and in turn saving Supergirl, but she is badly broken emotionally.

Poor sad tortured Lena.  This character is truly one of the most tortured characters to ever exist on TV.  I really hope they don't go with the good girl turns evil because of her past tortures trope.  It would be far more interesting to keep Lena grey and struggling throughout season 3 and to see a good outcome for the character.  I really feel like that's where Xena failed.  It was a show about a character who had committed unspeakable wrongs struggling to be good and find forgiveness.  Unfortunately, she never found that forgiveness and ended up dead at the end.  Just once, I'd love to see a strong, smart, woman with a dark past come through and defeat her demons to stand in the light.  Just once.

Anyway, the next to last scene was extremely satisfying for the Supercorp shippers.  Kara shows up with flowers, Lena confesses she's afraid of who she will be when she feels again and Kara swears to always be her friend and always PROTECT her.

Lena's reaction to this is subtle but telling.  I'm pretty sure if she didn't know Kara was Supergirl (which I think she does) she certainly does now.  This scene is a wee bit subtext heavy and Supercorp squee'd with delight. Supercorp was completely robbed of that forehead kiss. We ALL saw that.

In the last scene Snapper gives Kara her Catco job back.

So, there's still some pretty big problems with the handling of the female characters & what drives them & we're still falling short there, but we are seeing the main character more & the other female characters more and less time spent on the failed romance plot.  Kara is much less isolated.  She got her job back.  Better, but we've got a ways to go.

Episode 19 is titled: ALEX

Alex is Kara's sister.  Hooray! Sister time!  Something that, once again, was a great part of season 1 that just fell away in the move to CW & season 2.  Chyler Leigh (Alex) and Melissa (Kara/Supergirl) have amazing chemistry together on screen & can really pull at your heart strings.  The sister connection feels real & it really was the heart of season 1.  We get some great scenes in this episode.  Kara & Alex & Sawyer (Alex's GF) are the main focus. Hooray!  Another female-centric episode.  Lena is also prominently featured in the side story.  Hooray!

This episode deals with cop (Sawyer) vs Hero (Supergirl) as well as Sister (Kara) vs Girlfriend (Sawyer).  Alex is kidnapped & Sawyer & Kara are at odds on how to save her as well as who has more to lose & who has the last say in what to do when it comes to saving Alex.  It was a good story idea.  Kara & Alex have always been close & allowing Sawyer, her girlfriend, a say in Alex's fate is a struggle for Kara.

I do think they really missed an opportunity to close the book on the whole first season Maxwell Lord thing here.  It would have been great to see him be the villain in this episode.  He learned who Kara was & it would have been completely buyable that he was behind this.  Most of the fans speculation lead to that conclusion.  Too bad.


Meanwhile, Mon-El's evil Mother Rhea has tried to trick Lena Luthor into working with her under the guise of saving the world.  Lena is far too smart not to see she is an alien & not being truthful, but Rhea manages to twist her words & Lena's feelings into something that Lena appears to buy into.  We shall see.  Lena wants desperately to do good & if she thinks there's even a small chance at succeeding at that, she's going to try.  Rhea, however, is in reality, just using her to build a portal that will allow masses of the Daximite Army in to conquer Earth under the guise of creating portals to transport food & goods & emergency supplies anywhere in an instant.  I also think that once again, we are subtly told that Lena knows Kara is Supergirl BECAUSE she chooses to trust Rhea.

Lena was brought up to hate aliens.  All the humans she has trusted have betrayed her.  The only person to ever NOT betray her & to protect her & be there for her is Kara/Supergirl, an alien.  So, she decides to trust another alien. Rhea.

It's going to be real exciting to see how this plays out.

Dear Supergirl Writers, please don't go with the predictably easy "Lena becomes evil" trope.  Thanks. Keep her grey & struggling to do good despite the pain & setbacks.  Thanks.

The whole episode was pretty exciting & kept me on the edge of my seat.  It might well have been the best episode of season 2.  Keep moving this direction guys.  We might get a season 4.

I will say this.  With these two episodes, I am committed to watching the rest of the season.  I was just about to tune out, but they brought me back.  I am excited to see what the last three episodes reveal & the direction they go.  There's still quite a bit of work to do, but it really feels like they are trying now.