Friday, April 14, 2017

The Last Jedi

The teaser trailer is finally here!  It looks amazing.  I cannot wait.

We also get a teaser poster & it is also amazing.  If fact, this might be my favorite Star Wars poster EVER.

Now, let me share something with you that happened to me recently.  It's Star Wars related.  It was also one of the most amazing moments of my life.

I met Luke Skywalker.

This was a huge moment for me.  I have loved Mark Hamill since I was three years old.  Luke Skywalker has been my boyfriend all my life.  I used to imagine flying my own X-wing in the Alliance & ending up at the Rebel base & running into Luke & we'd fall in love & go on adventures together.  On the playground as a kid when anyone made fun of Luke Skywalker & say Han was cooler, I was always standing up for my boyfriend.  Defending him, as if he were standing right there.

 (Hey! It's me.)

As a young adult, after Timothy Zahn's books came out, Luke got an amazing partner in the Expanded Universe.  Mara Jade.  Mara was a tough, sarcastic, badass character.  She was perfect for Luke. It has torn at my heart that Disney just threw her away.  Luke deserves the love he found with Mara.  I'm hopeful they still work her into the storyline somewhere.  I have, of course, worked it all out in my head perfectly.  Mara saved Rey, their daughter, before Kylo killed her.  Luke assumed Rey died in the temple slaughter/fire we just saw in the new trailer.

So, yeah, I met Luke Skywalker.  I was so nervous the weeks leading up to the Convention.  So nervous I couldn't eat, I was losing sleep. I was afraid I would completely lose my sh*t when I got up to Mr. Hamill.  I kept thinking about the phrase, "Never meet your heroes."  I also kept thinking about how I had just missed Carrie Fisher last year & I simply never imagined it would even be possible to see Mark Hamill in person much less touch him.  Get his autograph or photo.  I HAD to do this.  My friends also said I HAD to do this.  Thank you, guys.  You helped me get up the nerve to do it.

T & I drove all the way to Dallas, TX.  It's about 3 hours from our home.  My parents took our fur babies in for the weekend.  THANK YOU SO MUCH, MOM & DAD & BRO!  We stayed at the convention hotel and I cosplayed for only the 2nd time in my life.  I was a gender-bent Bespin Luke Skywalker.  I was torn.  I wanted to Cosplay as Jyn as well. Jyn meeting Luke.  However, Bespin Luke has always been my absolute hero & favorite character ever.  That was the Luke that helped me through so much.  When I got depressed, or felt lost, I watched Empire.  When I was unsure or afraid, I watched Empire.  Luke's decision to follow his heart & stand with his friends, rather than sacrificing them, and facing his Father on his terms & staying true to who he was despite the elders advice & the whole galaxy ttelling him what was best for him, meant something profound to me.  Bespin Luke taught me to be true to myself & to follow my heart. So, I went with Bespin Luke.

(I still can't believe this is me)

Mark was warm & friendly.  He took my hand, spoke to me briefly, thanked me for coming to see him, I wrapped my arm around him, he put his arm around me, we smiled & I turned to leave.  As I did, he took my hand again.  I can't remember what we both said, but I remember I felt warm & genuine.

I met my hero.  He was just as I had always imagine.  It was everything.

I walked out of the photo area and there was T.  I completely broke down & cried my eyes out.

I have the picture in my living room.  I look at it every single day & I giggle.  Sometimes, I get a little misty.  9 year old me, who saw "The Return of the Jedi" and cried all the way home because she realized it was all over, would NEVER believe this.

She wouldn't believe they would name the character that stole the Death Star plans Jyn.  

Star Wars has always been a source of light & courage for me.

It continues to be.

In these insane & turbulent times in the world, I see thousands of people that feel the same.  We are the rebels & the resistance.  Films, like oral stories & written works of the past, are our rallying cries.  For some, they will always just be movies, but for many, they are our source.

Star Wars is FOREVER.

May the Force Be With You.

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