Thursday, October 29, 2015

Exciting Xena News

Dynamite Comics has confirmed they will be producing new Xena Comics.  I'm very excited about this for more than one reason.
     First off, new Xena storylines by one of my favorite comics companies. They did some Xena as well as Xena vs. Ash (Evil Dead) back in the early 2000s, but the art was a little to T & A and the stories didn't feel authentically Xena. It was a good try though.  I really feel many of these companies are starting to catch on to what matters in a property now, so I'm very hopeful.
      I think this fandom is really going to make Xena happen. Nerdist, Huffpo, and numerous other entertainment and media outlets are reinforcing the hard work of Xenites to reunite the Warrior Princess & her Bard. A new comic series will just boost that even more.
     The recent disaster of the "Jem & the Holograms" movie is a clear signal to studios that fans no longer accept reboots or other reimaginings in name only. It must be true to the source material and the people working on it have to understand it, otherwise it will fail.  It will fail hard. Money will be lost. Let's hope both Dynamite Comics as well as NBCUniversal understand this and have been paying attention.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Painting & Fighting

I'm painting. I've been painting. It's been difficult.  I've lost much of my motor memory. I've forgotten how to see clearly. I get tired more quickly.  I'm not 25 anymore.  I'm not even 39. 
     Resistance is an interesting thing.  It takes many forms. I regret nothing though.  Getting out of the machine saved my life.  Finding my rhythm has required more patience than I had estimated.
    This is real.  I am doing art. All day if I want. It's amazing. Also, terrifying.  I was so used to being efficient & scheduled.  Art is neither.  Being professional is. Being a freelance artist requires a balance of the two.
      I'm still falling down now & then, but I'm getting back up every time.   I get scared sometimes.  Scared that I've lost some intangable thing I had before I entered the machine.  Scared that something broke inside of me. I know that just resistance lying to me.
     I've met some goals. I've had to reassess some things.  I have to keep telling myself that art is a real job.  I just have to keep moving forward.  I sleep too much. It's part of the resistance.   That and I was really, really, really tired. It's 3:38 am. I'm painting. Tomorrow I will paint again.
     Art is a real job.