Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Xena Movie News

I won't lie, the little bits and pieces coming together as well as this article in the Huffington Post and a dozen other news places have me more than a little excited about Xena again.  I've been working on the Graphic Novel of T's script for almost a year.  Turns out Graphic Novels are hard.  There are storyboards and panels and script editing and figuring how much dialog to put in the panels and how to capture the right intensity and not have a boring page of panels and a bazillion other things.  Oh, and backgrounds.  I hate backgrounds.  I have learned that I hate desert backgrounds the most.  I mean, OMG...endless stretches of sand and Egyptian buildings are soooooo incredibly boring to draw.

Now, it seems, I am in a race.  A race to get the Graphic Novel done BEFORE they shoot a comeback movie and relaunch the series.  ACK!  Actually, that's excellent news for me.  I thrive on competition.  Earlier this year Lucy Lawless, Xena herself, tweeted that she had an interesting call about reviving Xena.  Then Auspix, THE source for Xena stuff straight from the horses mouth, put up a Xena Movie Page.  The gals and guys over at the Xena Movie Campaign have been working tirelessly since 2011 to get people active and excited about reviving Xena and it seems to really be paying off.  I wrote an article about them and the desire for a comeback in Lesbiliscious back in 2012.  They have changed administrators a couple times since then, but the page and the fans are still really putting in a massive effort to get Universal and anyone else to realize that the franchise is being wasted.  

If Warner Brothers/DC can't get off their asses and stop being so incredibly frightened of Wonder Woman and her Amazon origins, then maybe some other Studio (pssst...Universal, that's you) should step up and show them how it's done with the Warrior Princess.

As for me...I better get to drawing.

Battle on Xenites!

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