Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Toys for Big Girls and Boys

Hey kids, look!  It's another fun Crowdfunding opportunity.  This time you get cool toys if you donate enough!


There are many new artists out there creating or having created lines of toys that they come up with based on various pop culture refrences.  This one is from the Suck Lord.  You might want to google the Suck Lord (be careful with that) and DKE Toys and the vinyl figure and toy art movements to really begin to understand.  This Kickstarter is a great way to begin your collection though.  If you decide you want to invest in toy art.  Right now there is even a Luke Chueh figure that has been added.

Buy art.  It's good for you.  Crowdfund art.  You'll live longer.

You only have 6 days left to decide.

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