Thursday, March 28, 2013

Xena Web Comic Update

Wow kids!  When you start really working on your art, you don't get around to blogging much.  I've been working on the Xena Web Comic titled "The Eye of Shadows".  It was written by the awesome Jen J. Elsner as a made for TV movie comeback.  She pitched to Rob Tappert at the Xena Con, but he acted like it was on fire and wouldn't touch it.  As Xenites, we want to share it with the Xenaverse and others.  It's a damn good story, and I hope I can get my art up to par with the quality of this fun, action-packed, awesome story.

I'm at the drawing and drawing and re-drawing again stage right now.  I have to get my mind and muscles to understand the light and darks of the actresses that played the characters and how they move and look and how to get a sense of movement.  I've never drawn a comic or graphic novel before, although I have always wanted to.

 I started with Gabrielle as portrayed by Renee O'Connor.  I've drawn and even painted Xena as played by Lucy Lawless before, but not Gabby.  I also wanted to play around with costume ideas.  It's been a year or so since Xena vanished into thin air in our story.  Gabrielle has kept the short hair, but I thought a fresh costume was in order.  I absolutely loved her season six costume though, so this one is sort of a cross between that one and Xena's, but with it's own distinct feel.

Trying to get certain emotions across is also a fun challenge.  I use color in my art as a main way to ellict emotion.  We are sort of going old school black and white right now with the art.  It might change, but even if it doesn't, the comic will only benefit from studying and working to make the black and white really get across the emotion the characters are feeling.  Lettering and dialog are whole other issues.

I haven't really gotten around to it quite yet, but I did add in some of the dialog in a couple of sketches to help me see how and where I might need to place my characters.  This will also impact any backgrounds I have.  I have got to think ahead on much of that.  You don't want a panel to be dialog heavy and cover up what the characters might be refering to in the background.  It might also cover up part of the feel you are going for.  Is it night?  Day?  Hot?  Cold?  Can you tell or is there a huge dialog bubble in the way?

So, I'm learning and improving.  That, my friends is what it's all about.

I hope to be able to start posting fully finished panels and start the storyline soon.  I do want to get quite a bit of it completed before I start posting it, so that there won't be long periods of waiting between panels.  I hope you will follow along.  I will post all updates and important web comic links here.

Battle on!

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