Wednesday, February 06, 2013


Heya kids!  What's up?  Over here we have been practicing perspective.  Now, you might think I'm drawing chairs and stairs to practice perspective and normally, you'd be correct.  The perspective I'm talking about right now though is the other kind.  Perspective as defined by the dictionary as "A Mental view or outlook".

Much of my flailing about and being exhausted has to do with my perspective.  Most of the time my outlook is dim and all I see is imagined moves by those around me.  Sometimes they aren't imagined, but I do tend to waste a whole lot of mental energy taking a particular incident further into the future.

I've come to realize that I was always looking for a fight.  One slight and it was on.  Enemy identified and preparations for battle commencing.  Creativity shelved until I fight the dragon.  The dragon must be conquered so that I can be free to pursue my art.

In reality, there was no dragon.  No epic battle.  Just me.  Seeing way more than was there and wasting endless amounts of time and energy on it.

So, after realizing that the dragon and the very fight itself were nothing but an illusion, I have been practicing seeing things differently.  To focus on art, love and creativity.  If something happens to upset me during work hours, look at it, but not too long.  Feel it, look at it, and let it go.  Get back to the creativity.

That imaginary dragon has taken more of my time than I ever imagined possible, and frankly, I don't want to give it one second more.  I want to give art everything I have.  I want to stay connected to the Universe and it's infinite creativity and positivity every second.  Life is too short for imaginary dragons.

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