Thursday, February 07, 2013

Man of Steel

It looks like the "Man of Steel" merch is already popping up.  "Man of Steel" is the next attempt at relaunching the Superman movie franchise.  In truth, I am super excited about this movie.  One of my favorite directors ever is at the helm.  Zack Snyder.

Not to mention that "The Dark Knight" director and writer Christopher Nolan is involved in the script and production.

The last Superman movie was a horrific mess.  It was uncomfortable and weird.  Mostly though, it just wasn't Superman.  Superman gets a whole lot of flack.  People hate Superman.  They hate his super powers.  He's considered the lamest of the heroes by many.  Too powerful to be realistic.  Too farm boy.  Too boy scout.  Too over the top.

I like him.  I like him old fashioned.  I like him Super powerful.  Superman is a metaphor for what we CAN be.  He is the Christ.  Like the story of Jesus and all his trials, Superman also has trials.  And seriously, Christ's powers were pretty Super.  He was also an alien in a sense.  Different among us.  Special.  What if he had decided to go the other way?

I find Superman intriguing.  He hasn't always been written fantastically, but still, there's something in that mythology that I am drawn to.  I see part of myself in Superman.  Always striving to make the right decisions. Always trying to be the best me I can be.  Feeling so different and sometimes so alone.  Wondering if I belong here.  Feeling old fashioned and a little behind in a high tech, high speed world.

I can't wait to see what Zack and Christopher do with Supes.  I will be there opening night.

Back to the Merch though.  Entertainment Earth has this to offer:

1:6 scale 13 1/2 inches tall from Gentle Giant

$109.99 pre-order now.

The 6 inch figures don't look bad either.  Mattel.  I expect

them to hit stores pretty soon.  The movie release date is

in June.

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