Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Thank the Gods that's all over...

Well, hello kids!  I hope you all made it back here with all your fingers and toes intact.  If,, awkward.  Sorry.  The holidays were good to us this year.  We reaped in the gifts.  Funny, the more I protest, the more I get.  I seriously am blessed with people who love to spend money on me. I asked them repeatedly not to and alas, I am showered with gifts.  I can't complain either because they get me some sweet stuff.  This year was a Star Wars Christmas with a sprinkle of  Thundercats, My Little Ponies and a little Sailor Moon.

Think Geek had some sweet last minute deals as well as so many other places online.  I really don't understand why you would get out in all of that mess to shop when you can sit on your warm cozy couch and order things in a click.  Free shipping on most.  Better deals on it all.

Now, if you're talking about stuff you can get locally, true LOCAL buys, that's different.  No one here locally makes gun targets or pottery books or I-phone gadgets.  I looked.  Those are things that were requested.  So online it was.

I Skyped Xmas with the inlaws and I have to say, it was awesome.  It was so close to being there.  Taking turns opening gifts and showing stuff over the net was pretty surreal and cool in that futuristic way.

The best gift T & I got though was 2013.  So long 2012.  And what's that?  Hello Burbank again!  What!?  Yep, we did it.  We sold her car and ticket prices dropped $200 a piece, so we took it and ran.  In mere days we will be on the West Coast drinking Starbuck's and eating Fish Dish while looking at those beautiful mountains.  We get to reconnect with some Xenites from last year as well as some of the actors that we friended as well as seeing Lucy lawless up on stage once again.  Good times and happy sunshine.

I hope you all fared well and I hope you find calm and serenity throughout 2013.  I can't wait to see what's new in action figure land this year!  And new Art!  And Music!  Woo-hoo!  Cheers!

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