Thursday, January 03, 2013

Battle of the Network Stars

A friend of mine just reminded me of one of my favorite things in television history today.  Battle of the Network Stars.

Yep, Battle of the Network Stars was one of the first reality TV shows.  Like all great things it started one November, way back in 1976.  It was a TV series that pitted all the most popular stars of NBC, ABC and CBS together in sporting competitions.  ABC hosted the show.

Stars like Lynda Carter!  It was amazing seeing these actors do something normal and some of them were very competitive.  So, with all the reality TV programming, why hasn't this come back around?  Why hasn't this been revamped.  NBC could really boost their ratings if they grabbed ahold of this and relaunched it.  Imagine Castle's Stana Katic pitted up against Once Upon a Time's Jennifer Morrison!  

Get as many networks involved as possible and call it the "Battle of the Television Allstars"!  That way you can get newbies, current favorites and old favorites all together.  Have viewers vote for who they want to see on the show.  People WANT this.  C'mon Networks!  Let see it!

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