Monday, February 27, 2012

Lucy Lawless Arrested, Bailed Out, Has Hearing

Lucy Lawless, who scaled an oil tanker bound for the Arctic with Greenpeace New Zealand activists, was arrested Sunday after spending 77 hours on board. She & the team are being charged with burglary rather than unlawful trespass. How they think she committed burglary is yet to be determined since no one took anything & nothing was damaged. The team & Lawless have a hearing on Thursday in front of a judge.

Personally, it is quite obvious that Lucy is being charged with burglary as a warning to others. The ramifications of a burglary charge could be fairly devastating to her acting career. It is possible that she would not be able to travel to certain countries with burglary on her record. This could limit any roles she might have otherwise been able to accept. It could also limit her appearances at fan conventions.

It's clear to me that she is very passionate about this cause. Lucy is not some unaware airhead. She's a smart woman who isn't afraid to take risks. I, for one, am very proud of her actions & her commitment. She not only talks the talk, but has shown that she ain't afraid to walk the walk. Good on ya, Lucy.

Her actions generated over 500 articles on Greenpeace New Zealand & what Shell has planned for the arctic as well as over 133,000 signatures asking Shell not to drill in the Arctic. Good was done. Awareness was raised. Mission accomplished. #savethearctic

Friday, February 24, 2012

Blu-Ray Deleted Scenes Star Wars Figures

I haven't gotten there yet, but there are deleted scenes added back into Star Wars Return of the Jedi on Blu-Ray. The figures above are from those deleted scenes. Cool.

You can get them here: Brian's Toys

or here: Entertainment Earth

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Lucy Lawless is a Bad Ass

Lucy Lawless has scaled a Shell Oil Tanker with other members of GreenPeace New Zealand in an attempt to stop a Shell Oil Drilling ship from heading out to the Artic to drill. She & the other members have brought food & supplies for several days & appear to be starting a sit-in atop the derrick.

Articles here, here, here, here, and here. With Pictures here.

Video Here.

Follow her on Twitter under @RealLucyLawless

Write your Representatives & Senators & let them know that you also think drilling in the arctic is unnecessary & bad for our planet.


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Art Post: Chris Harding

I "Stumbled Upon" a great art page today. The artist's name is Chris Harding. He does comic strips. He also plays in the world of animation. His Robot comic strip series is by far my favorite! Smart, funny & true.

Go check him out. Chris Harding Website

He also has a FaceBook page here: Chris Harding

Monday, February 20, 2012

Hot Topic & Sailor Moon

I love me some Sailor Moon! When Xena went off the air, I quickly searched around for something, anything to take my mind off the painful ending of my hero. I had already become a huge Anime fan through shows like Gatchaman, Robotech, Starblazers, Project A-Ko and more. I can't remember what channel it was that started showing Sailor Moon, maybe Cartoon Network, but I was hooked.

Of course I'm a big original language subtitle kinda girl. No dubs for me. So once I decided I loved it, I was off in search of uncut, undubbed versions. I learned early on what America does to Anime & I knew Sailor Moon was better than what I was getting to see on American TV. I wasn't wrong. Especially when it came to Haruka & Michiru. T & I were on the edge of our seats & soaked in tears at one point. I'm not even kidding. Sailor Moon Super had us. 100%.

It's been a while since Sailor Moon has come & gone. I miss it. T & I started watching the series again a couple weeks ago. I realized I was missing the movies that come between each series. BAH! How did I do that?!? Then I remembered...I had them once. On VHS. Crap in a hat.

So I started looking around. That's when I discovered an exciting line of Sailor Moon apparel at Hot Topic. Yep, clothes, bags & belts all with the Pretty Sailor Soldier herself! Awesome sauce!

So, I am passing on the info to you. Sailor Moon at the Hot Topic. Get it quick because Hot Topic merch changes fast.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

DC's Wonder Woman Makes a U-Turn to Suckville

Oh DC, you just don't get it. I had hopes. The first couple issues where great. The costume change was alright. You still need to make the boots red again. We had gods & Amazons. All very ESSENTIAL to Wonder Woman. Here we are on issue #5 & all of that has changed.


Issue 5. What can I say? It sucks. The art has reached a new low. Who is drawing this? Interns from Art school? It's terrible. Don't believe me? Here, look:

C'mon guys, this is Wonder Woman. She deserves better. Aside from the art, let's talk about what you have done as far as the story goes. You've turned Hippolyta to stone & made it clear she can't be fixed, so in essence, you killed her. After making her blonde. If you were just going to kill her, why the change of hair color? I know, I just can't let that one go.

You have turned all the Amazons to serpents, essentially killing all of them as well. Before you did that though, you lead us to believe that Diana was teased & outrisized by her sisters when she was growing up. None of them cared for her & called her hurtful names like "clay" because she was made of mud. So you vilified them a bit. Ouch. You guys don't seem to get the whole Amazon thing.

Look, Wonder Woman readers like Amazons. We like Wonder Woman because, much like Xena, she is an Amazon but NOT an Amazon at the same time. It's that whole "I don't quite fit here" thing. She may not fit in, but not because they were mean to her. Just the opposite. She wants to fit in, she just doesn't. She's different. It's hard for her because the Amazons have always been her sisters & supporters & respected her. She came from them & will die to protect them.

I know, Amazons are scary for insecure men. They don't like them. They don't understand them & there is that whole Amazons loving Amazons thing. DC has always avoided that like the freaking plague. There was a wink to it this time, but they made sure to cut it off quickly by destroying all of the Amazons.

The biggest change though is that you changed her origin completely. Her Mother lied to her & fucked Zeus. She's Zeus' daughter. She IS from the loins of a man after all. *sigh* Wow. How original. Let's take everything interesting about this character & flush it down the toilet.

Why is it that DC has felt it necessary for Diana to grow, the Amazons must be destroyed? All of her past must be eliminated. Not only that, but once it is, we must never speak of it again.

Sure, Superman's planet was destroyed. When he was a baby. Not a full grown adult. Yep, Batman's parents were murdered when he was just a boy, but he still had Alfred. Not to mention how their pasts play intricate parts of their present & future story lines. For Diana, DC once again feels the need to do away with the Amazons, Themyscira, her mother & her past. *sigh*

These are her strengths as well as her weaknesses.

I would also like to address the writing. WTF. I cannot follow this writer. The story seems choppy, inconsistent & disconnected. We are not being shown anything through the dialogue. It is useless, pointless drivel. I am lost. I have no idea what the hell is going on. Too much, too many, too soon & just plain bad.

I honestly feel like they have stopped trying. #5 is my jumping off point. I'm done. Too bad. I had such hopes.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Vintage Carded Wave from Phantom Menace

Available at: Entertainment Earth

Brian's Toys

If you missed Qui-gon in other waves or little Anakin, here's your chance! I love the retro looking cards.

Riusuke Fukahori, Technique, & Supplies

Holy wow! I love finding painters or crafts people that you can watch & be amazed by. Amazed at their patience. Amazed at their practice & dedication. Amazed at their technique. This fellow in the video below is amazing. He paints goldfish. Nothing really amazing about that, right. Wrong. He paints them in layers between resin. This makes them look real & 3D. The amount of time & practice it took him to be able to perfect this is impressive.

"Goldfish Salvation" Riusuke Fukahori from ICN gallery on Vimeo.

So many people don't understand time when it comes to art. Artists use time differently than almost anyone. Processes are repeated again & again to hone & perfect technique. It takes years to be able to lay paint down in brush stroke after brush stroke properly...or improperly, whatever your going for. The planning stages, the sketches, the reworks, the priming of the surfaces. Even in Mr. Fukahori's work, the resin must be mixed properly, the wooden boxes built & sanded smooth. An artist must have a composition in his/her mind. Everyone is different. When you see a work of art & the price tag confuses you, remember this. You aren't just paying for paint on a canvas or paint between layers of resin. You are paying for the work. All of the work that the artist has gone through to finish this one piece.

That and all the materials. Paint isn't cheap. Neither are brushes. If you haven't ever bothered to look, go to your local craft store & check out tubes of oil paint & acrylic. Not the cheap-o boxed sets either, but the single tubes of color. Then look at brushes. Not cheap brushes that look like they are made of straw & will flake off in the painting, but REAL brushes. Then check out gallery quality canvas. It gets pricey.

I guess my point here is, "WOW! Look at this guy painting Goldfish!" and don't be a cheapskate when it comes to shelling out money for good art. Look at it like you would look at supporting your local farmer's market or local restaurant. You are getting something of quality & in return are helping someone create more of that & possible helping them afford new carpet in their house, not bonuses for some jack-hole that could give a crap about the struggles of middle or lower America or the world.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Deep Breaths & Baby Steps

Okay, well, this has been a bit of a surreal & insane year already. Xena Con 2012 & the moment this Xenite fangirl has waited her whole life for, followed very quickly by the untimely & rather sudden death of one of my family. Not blood related family, but family family. You know, those people that love you because they want to, not because they have to. For me, this person was one of my rocks.

T & I have learned we don't do real well with this type of thing when we are both connected to the person we've lost. It's always been one of us being strong for the other. This time...damn, I tell you what, my eyes feel bruised from all the crying, & I still don't know which way is up & I'm not sure if I have helped her at all.

So, Saturday we are going to celebrate our friend, laugh & cry some more & try to figure out how to find up.

I feel like I haven't been able to get my footing at all this year.

T has her final project to get her Master's due & is so stressed out she's started having panic attacks.

This really isn't the way I expected things to be going.

We've got quite the fight on our hands.

That's just the way it goes sometimes though, right? I remember why I tell myself never to make plans. Something always happens. I don't care though. I am already making new ones.

Looking to the future. Which right now seems rather ominous & frightening & less fun. I'm sure once we break through this dark cloud, the sunshine & rainbows will still be there.

The first plan I have made is to go to this: Spectrum Fantastic Art Live

They have a Social Media Site page as well, if you wanna click on over & check that out.

Two artists that really inspire me are going to be there. Brom & Mike Mignola.

As well as Android Jones.

There will be talks & portfolio reviews & hob-knobbing & such. I have nothing this year, but I can go this year & look, observe & understand. Research what & how & get fully prepared for next year. I can ask questions in order to help set myself up for success. For real.

I have already set myself a goal of three new works completed & posted to my website BEFORE the Convention.

THIS is the year. No matter what I get thrown at me. Things change this year. I change this year. I become who I was meant to be.

Monday, February 06, 2012

What day is it?


Xena Con 2012 was awesome.

I wasn't able to keep up with the blog like I had hoped due to the lack of free wi-fi. I refuse to pay $14.00 a day. Especially when I'm already paying for everything else.

The final highlights of the Con were:

Lucy & Renee on stage. Lucy & Renee reading Katherine Fugate's little script she wrote that Renee & Claudia Black had read the day before.

Gabrielle asking Xena to marry her right there in front of my eyes. :o Holy Hera!

The Video above was our vantage point. In fact, if you look, & are familiar with the backs of our heads (*snicker*) then you will see they make an appearance.

For me, this was absolutely amazing. It was almost like the last two episodes were fixed immediately. It is still making me smile.

Right after that moment T & I were scrambling madly through the crowd to get to the Lucy photo op line.

That too, was awesome. She was warm & friendly & I still can't believe it all happened. Best 15th Year Anniversary present EVER!

We loved Southern California. The weather was so nice & everyone seemed very friendly & smiley. We even saw a guy see his car get bumped in the parking lot. Hey ran over to check it out & once he decided it was no big deal, he came strolling back to the Starbucks with a smile on his face.

THAT guy taught me a bunch. He witnessed, he reacted, he investigated, he let it go. I have a very hard time with the "letting it go" part. I don't want to anymore. So that is what I am practicing since I got back. Letting it go. I do not want to hang on to emotion that should have passed anymore. I want to feel in the moment & move on. So far, so good.

So, we've been back for a week now & I still have not adjusted. In fact, I'm not sure I ever will. I feel different.