Friday, December 07, 2012

Hellboy in HELL!

If you haven't been keeping up with Hellboy, you've missed something important.  I won't tell you what, but let's just say it has led to the fact that Hellboy has now gone to Hell.  Yep, he's in Hell.  The first issue of Hellboy in Hell came out this week.  If you're lucky, your comics shop will still have some.  If they don't, but you can't wait to read it, you have a second option: Online comic.  There's a sweet trial look if you aren't sure about reading a comic online.  Darkhorse has done an amazing job with the Hellboy comics online.  The online price is the same as the tangible paper copy: $2.99.  It works on the Android OS as well as Apple's OS, so you have no worries there.  The only problem you might encounter is if you want to read it on Kindle.  At this time, there's no Kindle support.  Sorry kids.  However, laptops and desktops are also a way you can read it.  So really, the Kindle is the ONLY thing it won't play on, pretty much.  Go, get you a copy now!  Look how far behind you are on reading one of the most amazing comics ever!  Go!  Hellboy in Hell!

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