Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Macho Man Randy Savage. Oh, yeah.

I won't lie.  At one time in my life I was totally into Pro-wrestling.  I even went to bouts.  I bought merchandise and I cheered on my heroes.  It was fun.  I didn't care if it was real or not.

I don't think the magic sky wizard that judges everyone is real, but you don't see me pointing and laughing at the people who enjoy the community and culture of that belief.

I digress.  Hot Topic has a great old school Pro-wrestling shirt from one of my old school favorites.  Macho Man Randy Savage.

It's hard to believe the guy isn't out there body-slamming people still.  If you know a "wrasslin'" fan that loved the old school WWF (now WWE), I promise you they will love this shirt.  They run $20.50 to $22.50 depending on the size.  

I know a certain local stand-up comic I'd love to get this shirt for.  

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