Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Xena Web Comic

Remember that awesome script that T wrote for the return of Xena?  We've decided that since it is incredibly unlikely that anyone will figure out who owns what rights to which part of Xena anytime in the near future and therefore any sort of reunion or TV Movie or Theater movie will most likely never happen, we'd take it and do something else with it.  It's too good to just be left sitting in a file cabinet or on my desk.

So, I started preliminary sketches.  Locations, costumes, characters, etc.  

I'm not sure how to do a web comic, but research can fix that.  It's really just a way to get T's story out there to the fans that love the show and for me to get some great drawing time in.  Learn some more techniques and tricks.  Play around with color and composition.  Challenge myself.

What better way to do that than with an exciting story involving characters that I love in a format I've always wanted to work in?  

The plan is to get at least 50 to 100 pages illustrated and complete and then host a weekly update over on  Of course that also involves fixing up Skullstar.  Right now it just has a place holder.  We want it to be our web comic and merchandise hub.  Big goals, I know.

Positive reinforcement is welcome.

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Suzy said...

A web comic is a fantastic aspiration! Best of luck with it. If the outcome resembles the two sketches here, it ought to be great.