Tuesday, October 30, 2012

News flash! Lucasfilm to be Bought by Disney!

WHAT?!?  What just happened?  I can't see straight.  The room is all spinning.  Lights...flashing.  I can't breath.

You read it correctly.  George Lucas is done.  He's had enough Nerdrage.  He's selling it off.  All of it.  

Star Wars is soon to be owned by Disney.  Princess Leia will be added to the Disney Princess roster.  There are already plans underway to begin work on the next Star Wars film.

I...I...I can't believe it.

I didn't see it coming.  

Some fans are beyond excited.  Others using hyperbolic metaphors like "rape".  Um, shame on you.  
That's being a little ridiculous.  Star Wars is a huge part of who I am, how I believe, and what I do, so don't try to justify that comparison to me.

I, myself, am right now, just caught off guard and a little shocked.

As soon as I can think it through, I'll let you know how I really feel.


Okay,  so the shock has worn off and I've thought about it.  I'm happy.  What better security for the legend then Disney.  No, I don't think Disney will make a horrid Star Wars film with Selena Gomez and Zac Effron. They aren't stupid.  Also, Lucas still has 40% of the decision making.  His CEO is still running the show, she just reports to a different boss.  This is about making sure that Star Wars is secure.  That before George Lucas leaves this earth he has it in safe hands and in a direction that is positive and nurturing so that it lasts way beyond him.  So many people have created things and died unexpectedly, thinking their children would take it and keep it going.  Jim Henson comes to mind.  His son ran the Muppets into the ground.  Luckily, Disney was interested in the property and saved it.  From that, we got that last Muppet film, which was fantastic!


There's a whole lot of Fanrage/Nerdrage right now.  I have to wonder about these people.  They spout hate and negativity and accuse the creator of the thing they claim to love of being evil.  Seriously?!  Are you people for real?  Hate, anger and fear are of the darkside.  You are nothing more than Sith.  Scared, weak, pathetic Sith.

George Lucas has given so much to the world and to his community.  The money he has poured into creating, art, and technology is amazing.  Not only that, but do you know what he said he was going to do with that 4 billion he is getting?

"George Lucas has expressed his intention, in the event the deal closes, to donate the majority of the proceeds to his philanthropic endeavors."

Explain to me how on earth anyone could call this guy evil?  You want evil?  Look at big oil.  Look at the gas companies and their waste water frakking.  Look at Wallstreet.  Look at what is happening in front of your eyes.  George Lucas isn't evil.  George Lucas is one of my heroes.  If it wasn't for him, my life would be very different.  As would millions of others.  I think of the thousands, if not millions of people employed just because of him.  People that have created medical technology or engineering feats because they were inspired by Star Wars.  Artists, toy sculptors, writers, fan film makers, composers, and the people that those people work for or support.  Evil doesn't create.  Even in Christian Mythology it is clearly stated that the Devil can NOT create.  

So, yes, I think this is an amazing deal.  Sure, it caught me off guard, but wow!  Holy cow!  Star Wars will live forever.  That makes me happy.

P.S.  Dear fanboys/girls...you loved the Avengers, right?  Disney owns Marvel, too.  Remember?

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