Tuesday, October 16, 2012

I liked you, but...

Ever know someone, usually a co-worker or someone that isn't actually a friend friend, that you see pretty frequently & you really get to like them?  They have a dry wit or are a great sarcastic humor.  They seem to brighten the day with comedy relief.  Suddenly, they turn it on you.  It isn't funny anymore.  Instead, it's really sort of hurtful.  They make snide sarcastic comments about your choice of music in your office.  They call informative non-passive aggressive notes, passive aggressive & go on to evaluate why a person would feel the need to post passive aggressive notes.  They make hateful comments about your wardrobe.  It can hurt pretty badly when this happens.  You start to cringe when you see them.  You wonder if you did anything to piss them off or why they seem to have a personal vendetta against you and all you love?

Know this.  It isn't you.  It never was.  This person has some serious personal insecurities.  What they are doing is projecting those insecurities onto you.  Most likely because you represent the thing they wish they were.  Security in yourself & who you are.  Confidence.  You're probably a little unique and never thought twice about objectification of women while watching Sailor Moon.  Nope, you saw the strength and friendship and empowerment aspect.  Of course you did.  Because those are things you possess & insecurity is what the meanie possesses. Fear, insecurity and the false belief that if she fails it is not her fault but the fault of someone oppressing her somehow.

Women are generally only mean & hateful to other women when they feel threatened.  Believe me, some of them feel threatened 365 days a year.  I feel a little sorry for them, but honestly, they do it to themselves.  The hatred they spew makes my sorry go right out the window.  So, if you ever run into one of these bitches, just look at them as they froth at the mouth and realize that whatever it is they are trying to make you feel is what they are feeling right that second.  They are so insecure that they have nothing better to do than to come bother you.  You, that pillar of coolness they see and desire with a burning passion to be.  You've won the game before it even started.


Turayis said...

That sucks, but you are totally right with your evaluation of the situation. I understand what makes people (especially women) say mean and unnecessary things to others who are just minding their own business, going about their day, but there's just no excuse for that kind of behavior. The best thing to do is blow them off and keep on being you. Spread love and positivity and don't let 'em get you down. <3

Cindy said...

I have no qualms telling those types of people that I think they're mean and rude. Wait...this may be why I have so few women friends.