Friday, October 12, 2012

10 Ways to Know Your Country is in Trouble

1. Things that have been around since you were born start closing or going away and your not 18 but 40.

2. Things that have been around since your parents were born start closing or being changed & they aren't 40 but 60 to 70.  Things like Tenure for teachers, Pensions, the post office, Detroit.

3. Religion infects everything.  Schools, Jobs, Government. Chicken Sandwiches.

4. Normal things start getting outlawed.  Old fashioned light bulbs, Big Gulps, protesting where the President can see you, and growing your own food.

5. You start to notice that stores are running out of things and it seems like it takes them longer to restock.  Whole chickens, certain canned foods, milk.

6.  Nationalism soars and words like "camps" or "Execution" are thrown about when people talk about how to deal with people they don't agree with or fear, like homosexuals, Muslims, anyone not white.

7.  Movies are all about Superheroes or Dystopia

8.  You have no space program, but your long time rivals & possible enemies have thriving ones that you have to ask to borrow.

9.  You manufacture NOTHING

10.  America used to = Land of the Free, Home of the Brave.  America today = Land of Fear, Home of the Xenophobic.

I'm moving to Canada.  It's about to get all crazy up in here.  Did I say about to?  LOL.  It already IS!

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