Friday, September 28, 2012

NBS's Revolution. Boring.

Every year I watch the first couple of episodes of any of the new Fall TV show on the Major networks that sound like they might be interesting to me.  This year, one was called Revolution.  It airs on NBC, Monday nights at 8 or 9 PM.

It's the show that was obviously pitched on the heels of the popularity of "Hunger Games".  It appears to have a teenage or early 20's female lead & is set in a post-apocalyptic type time period.

Don't be fooled though.  The actress in this one is awful and she's no Katniss.  I was wondering how on earth she landed this role, but then I came across her semi-nude photos. Her acting is incredibly bad for a major network.  She might be alright in a Syfy monster movie, but even that would be pushing it. Is this really the best they could find? Also, she's NOT really the main character.  She has yet to use that Katniss looking bow we've seen in the promos either.  Two episodes in and it appears the real main character is her Uncle.  He's a Han Solo type character played by actor Billy Burke (Party of Five, Twilight Movies, 24, Rizzoli & Isles).  He is carrying the show.  He's also the only interesting thing in the show.

So far, in the first two episodes every female character has had an emotional meltdown with tears.  I might (I said might) be able to over look that if it wasn't set 15 YEARS after the fall of civilization.  These female characters are weak, hysterical, and many times make no sense at all in the choices they make.  Our lead female has already been saved at least 3 times by a male.  She has an almost creepy attachment to her brother as well.  Her brother who looks to be 25 but is talked about & handled like he is 8.  She stopped her Uncle from killing a bounty hunter which ended up being a bad thing.  She cries...a lot.  OMG, seriously.

I always hated female characters in dystopia's that do nothing but cry.  Did Sarah Connor cry?  Yes.  Yes she did.  Once.  Then she got over it & did what needed to be done.  She had a damn good reason to cry as well.  These women?  Ugh.  Pathetic.  One of the characters cries over her cell phone explaining that it's the only thing that she has with pictures of her children.  Because there is no power she can't use it and she's almost forgotten what they look like.  OMG...seriously? 

I can't count the number of times in the first two episodes that all the women have needed saved by big mean men.  Somehow, they managed to make it the first 15 years, but suddenly, they are all damsels in distress.  They've all suffered some sort of family loss that they cry about.  The men however, are fighters.  They might have lost loved ones to, but we don't know, because they don't cry about it every 15 minutes.  

The dialogue is terrible.  Eric Kripke writes repetitive, emotionless, and rather pointless dialog.  Characters ask questions, get an answer & then respond by asking the same question again.  I don't know how many times I found myself yelling at a female character, "He just told you!" or "He already answered that question!"  

Now, let's get to the men.  We have a very Obama-esque looking fellow riding around taking away people's guns & enforcing the rules of Monroe's republic.  His group spy on people, beat people up, kill people for breaking rules, and work for Monroe.  Monroe is a white dude that used to be our hero's Uncle's friend.  They did computer stuff together.  Somehow, in 15 years, Monroe has taken control of the entire region around Chicago and most of the country but has been unable to find his "friend".  So now, 15 years later, that is his goal.  Because he thinks the Uncle knows how to "turn the power back on".  

Despite the fact that mansions are empty, huge cathedrals are vacant & a person could pretty much set up a really sweet pad, our bad guy lives in a tent.  We know absolutely zero about his motivations.  All we know is that he used to know out female lead's Uncle & they appeared to be on friendly terms and he used to know something about computers.  Now, the Uncle, Miles, has been hanging out, bartending in Chicago.   There's a nice little set-up in Chicago.  The bar looks swanky.  For some reason though, Monroe wants no part of that.  He's happy in his tent.  In the middle of nowhere. Surrounded by antiques.  There is no mention of any women or children in his life. Hmmm.....

We also have the nerd.  So far he is pointless, knows nothing and complains a lot.  Despite 15 years of dystopia, he looks like he eats at the golden corral every day and has a bag of cheesy puffs every night.  his sort of a hipster douchbag.  He complains about everything & tends to mock our characters.  He just stands there when anyone is put in danger.  Why the hell is he even here?

We get glimpses of this device that appears to be a flash drive.  Miles has one & one of the other characters has one.  She plugs it in & we hear the sound of a old school modem.  She, and only she, seems to have electricity to run her computer.  We are led to believe the flash drives contain the information on how to turn the power back on.  

Let me say this though.  This is the most non-dystopia dystopia I have ever seen.  It seriously is like there was a black-out just yesterday in this storyline.  There is no new technology that has developed in the past 15 years.  There are no uses of wind energy or solar energy.  There's no science anywhere.  People aren't really at all suffering.  They don't really even seem inconvenienced. We get cool shot of grown over cities and for some reason there is a swamp outside of Chicago now, but other than that life seems to be going along swimmingly.  I'm not seeing the suffering or the trying to cope problems.  I'm not seeing people struggling.  Why & how Monroe arose is rather puzzling.  Why on earth people allow him to set rules & bully them is also strange.  People look strong & healthy and have weapons.  Not guns, but crossbows, regular bows, swords, knives, etc.  There are far more of them then there are of Monroe & his men.  Monroe doesn't seem to be giving the people anything either.  No security, no goods, no positive incentives.  Just bullying & forcing his world view on everyone.

Overall, this show is lame & disappointing.  The characters are thin & uninteresting as well as just plain dumb.  The women are a cliche of the over emotional hysterical house wife of the last century.  The men brute loner barbarians or whiny hipsters that fight over everything rather than come together to solve problems.  The setting is a paradise of a dystopia & the plot, in merely two episodes, is no surprise,  generic, and told in a completely boring manner.  Don't waste your time with this one.  I usually give a show three episodes, but honestly, I don't think I can stomach another one. 

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