Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Leia vs. Xena

A student wandered into my office today asking for information on how to get advised for Graduation.  It's a student that has wandered in before.  He has a full shaggy mane of blonde curls, blue eyes & a fabulous mustache.  Think Val Kilmer as Doc Holliday but more full & blond.

He's always pretty hyper, but I can't lie, I adore him.  He always brings good conversation with him.
Today it was "Who would win in a fight if it was Xena vs. Leia?"


Now, I almost instantly said Xena, but then I stopped.  I remembered that article I read about Leia a couple days ago.  I realized just because Xena has a sword & a Chakram & happens to have killed thousands of people doesn't make her a clear winner.  Leia has the Force.  Xena has the possible demi-god thing.  Both are smart.  Leia also has some awesome friends.  Xena doesn't really have friends other than Gabrielle & the bumbling idiot Joxer.  Occasionally the jerk Hercules shows up, but this fight ain't between them & their friends.  It's just between these two ladies.  Xena does have superior charisma.  She can turn on the sex charm & get anyone, male & female, to pretty much do anything.  Leia has more of the cute charm. One that doesn't work so well on her own sex. Both are great at strategy.     

Leia has more to lose.  Xena feels like she has a debt to pay.  Leia is awesome with a blaster.  Xena is more than human in her skill with the Chakram.  Xena has accepted herself for who she is.  Leia is always iffy about being a real Jedi.  (I haven't read ALL the novels in the SWU yet)  Sheesh, this is tough.  I'm not sure I can answer this question.  

What do you fanboys & fangirls think?


Brothermidnight said...

I think it would be a very close fight for sure but in the end I think Xena would take the win.It also depends on when they do battle because if its movie timeline Leia she hasn't been trained in the way of the force yet and would be easily defeated.

Jen Tucker said...

True Brother, timeline is important. A younger, naive to strategy Xena would easily be tricked by even a New Hope Leia. I'm pretty much thinking the Xena around 6th Season vs. Leia at the end of Heir to the Empire or a little further out with a little more Jedi skill.