Thursday, August 30, 2012

How to Impress Nerd Girls

Nerd chicks love Battlestar Galactica.  Well, some nerd girls.  Not me.  I know plenty who do though.  So, if you want her first impression to be all, "Wow!  Cool Battlestar stuff!!!" I've got some accesories for you that will pull you out of the friend zone.

How about a Battlestar USB?  4 gigs of sweet awesomeness.  If she needs to save that important homework paper you've help her with, you can whip this out & save the day!
$44.99 at Entertainment Earth and Amazon.

Wanna spend a little less?  $8.99 and you can protect your furniture while looking like a bad ass.
Or spend a little more & look a little more upscale & classy with these coasters instead.

$34.99 on these babies.  Amazon has them.

If it doesn't work out & she ends up thinking you are just too big a nerd, you can look at the $14.99 wall art you've hung & remember...

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