Wednesday, July 18, 2012

My Problem with Yoda

In the original trilogy Yoda had a bit of an attitude that bothered me.  The fact that he wanted Luke to murder his Father bothered me as well.  I could never rectify my feelings for the little green guy.  I mean, he trained Luke.  Begrudgingly, but he did.  He explained the Force & Jedi.  He also told Luke to let his friends die & kill his Dad.  

Once the Prequels were complete & I watched Star Wars as a Saga & I was finally able to decide exactly how I felt about the green guy.

Sure, there are problems with the prequels.  Be honest though.  The originals aren't perfect.  Lucas was obviously trying to say something with the character of Yoda. Something he felt didn't get through the first time round. He was trying to portray a part of society.  He was telling us something.  Something that rings true in our society today. 

Yoda not only represents a teacher, he also represents the pope or the Dali Llama, or any other religious Leader.  He is who the whole of the Jedi look to.  He is the eldest elder & the head of the Jedi council.  He is also the oldest character in the Saga save the Sarlacc.  The changes in the Jedi order has changed drastically.  Under his leadership, the Jedi went from being a religious order in harmony with the Force to soldiers in a political fight.  Jedi became part of the political system.  Yoda even wanted Anakin to be a spy. A political spy for their religious order.

Think about that.  

Yoda's smug know-it-all attitude & entrance into the political arena is what helped bring about the downfall of the Jedi.  His rigid adherence to tradition while at the same time transforming the Jedi into political soldiers which was completely against everything the Jedi were about.  That and his FEAR.  

 He preached about not allowing fear to control you, but what was it that kept him from allowing Anakin to be trained properly?  It was fear, wasn't it?  Fear that he was more than could be controlled?  Fear that perhaps he would become greater than Yoda himself?  Thank the Force that Luke did not listen to Yoda.  He saved his friends, learned to use the Force, and redeemed Anakin through Love, not by killing him like Yoda instructed.

I know a whole lot of people hate Lucas for the Prequels.  I feel for them.  The story has been enriched.  The social commentary so incredible mirrors what is happening right in front of us here in the USA & all over the world.  As religion tries to force it's way into politics we see more hatred arise.  We see more violence.  More people pull away from it.  It fails.

Yoda was wise.  He was also flawed, as are we all.  He refused to see what was in front of him, was afraid & ultimately made decisions & influenced the council in decisions that led to the end of the Jedi.  His friends were murdered.  Jedi were hunted down & slaughtered.  All of them. Okay, most all of them.

So, yeah...there you have it.  Yoda was an old hard-headed misguided fearful yet powerful dude.  I, myself, will be following Master Luke Skywalker's example of leading by compassion.

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