Friday, June 01, 2012

Play Visions & Pac-Man

Play Visions is a novelty toy seller.  The big difference with them compared to other novelty toy sellers is that they tend to grab some really good licensing.  They get licenses for things like Pac-Man, Star Wars, Lego, Sponge Bob, Thomas the Train & so many more.

Check out this adorable Pac-man bank.  It takes batteries to make the sounds work.  When you drop in the coins, you get the classic Pac-Man chomping noises!  Awesome!  $23.99 from the Play Visions site or $21.99 from Entertainment Earth.

They also offer these hilarious Pac-Man wind-ups.  Pac-Man is 1.75" & the ghost is 2".  They come packed together for $9.99 on either site.  

Last but not least, there's the Pac-Man sounds Keychain.  It is also offered on both sites, but it's a dollar cheaper at $8.99 over on the Play Vision site.

Like I said before though, Play Vision has tons more stuff.  Head over & check them out.  I will be adding them to the action figure list on the right.  Have a great weekend!

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