Thursday, June 28, 2012

New Jem. Need I say more?

That's right.  You heard me. New Jem.  No, not that singer Jem.  I love her, too.  I'm talking new Jem & the Holograms with promises of Misfits to follow if they do well! O.M.G.  Dreams really do come true.

This is what I have so far:

Integrity Toys made a deal with Hasbro to get permission to use the Jem property.  Hasbro thought it too risky, but was willing to hand it off to another party to give it a shot as long as they get a chunk of the pie.  Keep that in mind, as it might affect the final costs.  Integrity is going to need to make a profit on top of what they have to hand Hasbro.

There is a proto-type pic or 4.

That's one.

That's two.

The doll is 12" high.  Screen accurate clothes.  This one is an outfit from "Hollywood Jem".


Jemstar earrings & Hollywood Star Award Plaque included, as well as shoes, bracelets & a realist looking microphone & stand.  She also has a stand.  


She will be available at Comic Con in San Diego at booth # 3329.  The cost for the limited edition "Hollywood Jem" will be $125.00

Go here to see integrity Toys Jem page & learn more: Integrity Jem

Seriously kids!  OMG!  THIS is truly Outrageous!

New Artist Daniel Danger

 Illustrator & Printmaker.  Good stuff.  Check him out over at: Tiny Media Empire

(October 2011 Copyright Daniel Danger)

("The Wolf Guard. Copyright Daniel Danger)

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Virtual Pinball

(photo by HeyRocker)

If you know me at all, you know I love pinball.  Pinball is one of life's greatest inventions.  The sounds, colors, & feel of a pinball machine are something I know for a fact I will never get enough of in this life.  Ever since video games appeared to challenge the pinball machine, some game developer somewhere has tried to create a virtual version of the table.  It never worked.  The tables just didn't look real, the angles on the screen were all wrong, the noises weren't right & it just didn't even come close to being anything like pinball.

Still,  when a new video game version of Pinball comes out I get curious.  The latest one made me really curious.  It had all the greatest pinball companies tables all in one game.  Bally, Williams, Gottlieb, Stern & more.  I was happy to come across a free Demo in the Playstation Store!

 OMG guys!  They did it!  They finally did it!  This game is amazing!  It FEELS like real pinball.  Well, minus the hip action.  The boards are real pinball reproductions.  The game gives you the history of the board.  Who made it.  How many were made.  How popular it was.  It has REAL pinball sounds.  The machine plays just like it would if you were standing in front of the real deal.  The angles are also like you are standing over the actual machine!  Perfection!  Not only that, but the company that makes this game is determined to release a new board every month.  A classic beloved pinball game added every single month!

Oh, yes.  I MUST have this game. Pinball Arcade.  Did I mention it's only $9.99 to download on the Playstation Store?  I know!  Amazing!  Here's a video of the demo I played.  See for yourself.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Holy crap kids!  Lita Ford has a brand new album out!  You heard me!  Lita Ford!  The Queen of Metal!  Yes, I said Queen.  Doro is the Goddess.  Get it straight.  Amazon has it up for $7.99.  Not only that, but they have preview songs up, so you can check the songs out.  I-tunes also has it with extra songs for $10.99.  Let me tell you kids, she's rockin'!  Man, I've missed Lita.  She was one of my first crushes.  My Mother hated her song "Kiss Me Deadly".  HATED it.  I used to play the crap outta that song.  LOL.  Her new album is getting great reviews.  I cannot wait to get my hands on this!  I also can't wait to see her at the Zoo Amp in August.  I got to see her a couple of years ago.  It was pouring rain & lightning all around & she was on stage playing "Close My Eyes Forever".  That was pretty frakkin' awesome.

Guess who else has a new album out?!  L.A. Guns.  Oh yeah.  Love me some Guns!  It's also getting great reviews!  Amazon has it for $8.99 & also has tracks you can preview.  They sound fantastic.  I will definitely be picking this one up as well.

But wait, that's not all!  There's more old school Metal headed your way!  Europe also has a new one!  Yep,  Europe.  I know!?  Crazy right!?  Crazy awesome!

It's $16.99 (import) and unfortunately does not have previews on Amazon.  However, it's not even available on I-tunes.  Um, Europe, you sort of need to catch up with the times guys.  At least they have a Facebook page.  

Wait though, there's more!  No seriously!  More Metal!  

New Great White.  I know!  What!?  Yep.  New lead singer with the band now.  Unfortunately jack was having all sorts of issues & just couldn't put a solid performance together.  The new sound is actually a little more to my liking.  Many hardcore Great White fans aren't going to like the change in lead singers, but hey, it's not the bands fault Jack can't perform.  These guys are musicians.  It's how they pay their bills.  They can't let one member of the band screw that up.  Hopefully Jack will pull it together someday.  $12.19 for the album or $8.99 for the download on Amazon, plus you can preview the songs as well.

Oh, and here's a Youtube Video of one of the songs for you!

I'm not done yet.  On no.  One of my guilty pleasure favorite hairbands is back  Trixter.  These guys haven't lost a thing.  This new album sounds awesome.  There was always something Southern Rock-ish sounding about these guys that I like.  I know, they're from Jersey.  Their sound isn't.

$15.43 for the CD on Amazon or $8.99 for the download,  $9.99 on I-tunes.  

And that kids, is all I have for now.  There is more on the way.  The goddess herself, Doro, has a new one out in August/September.

\m/ Metal Forever! \m/

Monday, June 18, 2012

New Cat Power

Cat Power is releasing an all new album of originals called "Sun".  Go check out her first single "ruin" here.

Friday, June 15, 2012

A Little Here...A Little There...

Wow, I am a little loaded down with small commissions.  I LOVE it!  They might be small, but hey, getting paid for any art really rocks.  I'm working on a band logo for this punk Scottish band.  I've got a robot to finish up & giclee, a couple tattoos & an initials logo.

This is the black & white simple version of the band logo.

I then played around with Tartans & color.  This is the Tartan of the MacGregor Clan.

And the above pic is what I came up with when I was asked to do something fancy with the Scorpio letter symbol.  I like it so much, I almost want it myself.  I'm holding out for my Doro/Xena/Gab/Red Sonja Tattoo.

I love art.  Have a great weekend!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Crucified Barbara

OMG...I am totally in love with this band.  Crucified Barbara. Old school heavy metal!  These chicks rock!

They are an all female rockin' Swedish band formed in 1998.  They were more punk rock when they started, but have progressed to hard rock & almost an old school metal sound.  They. are. awesome.

You can pick up their stuff on in hard copy or MP3 format.  You can also find them on I-tunes.
The members even have awesome metal/rock nicknames!

Mia Coldheart

Klara Force

Ida Evileye

Nicki Wicked


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Prometheus & Why It FAILS

Some of you are not going to agree with me on this review.  It's cool. We all see things differently.  If you haven't seen Prometheus yet, and don't want all the important points in the film revealed to you, please stop reading now.

*******SPOILERS Sweetie*********

No Seriously, I am going to give everything away.  Leave now if you don't want to know.

I'm not playing around about this.  Okay, you've been warned.  Here we go.

The screenplay blows.  Period.  It's pretty simple.  Here's a basic breakdown:

Flying saucer.  Earth-like planet.  Big giant white alien that looks a whole lot like my green man paintings, drinks black goo & falls into water thus seeding planet earth with DNA which will eventually lead to us.


Two scientist that have the hots for each other find a cave painting with a giant looking dude & some circles.  They match other ancient art, including Egyptian & Sumarian, etc. art.  Scientist decide this means something.  It's an invitation to find the creator.  Um, okay.  Why does the female scientist think this?  Because she CHOOSES to BELIEVE so.

Completely not a scientific reason.  

We zip to ten years later & we are in a space ship.  The ship's name is Prometheus.  Okay, whatever.  Cool.  There's an obvious android doing feats beyond what a human can do, so that we are certain that this is NOT a human, but an android.  He creepily watches our science chick's dreams as she sleeps. 

Everyone wakes up.  Well, Charlize's Ms. Vicker's wakes up first.  She hops up & starts doing push-ups as she is dripping with fluid.  Oh, look she's tough & mean.  Better watch out for her.  Why is she here again?  What's that?  There is NEVER a reason for this character in the entire film except perhaps to symbolize how men do not see a daughter as an extension of themselves or a way to pass on their legacy & that can only be achieved by a son or an android programmed by the male mastermind?  Of course, I think I might be giving the screenwriter WAY too much credit on that.

Character introductions, needless bickering, and what?  These characters have no idea why they have been in hyper-sleep or what the hell they signed up for?  Seriously?  I'm supposed to believe they have gone millions of miles in a spaceship & have no idea why until they are woken up at their destination?!  'Cause, um, I ain't buying that.  Oh wait, is this some sort of life analogy?  We don't know where we are going, life just takes us there.  Oh gods, I hope not.  If so, it was a very lame attempt at that.

Also, who am I supposed to be rooting for?  Who's the main character?  I'm guessing the two science people, right?  I'm not sure I like them yet & we're 30 minutes into the film almost.

We sweep into the planet's atmosphere, break through the clouds & ta-da!  Some sort of dwelling.  Hooray!  We found something.  Ms. Vickers makes some threats about no one engaging anything & how she's in control, which she clearly is not.  The android is.  She seems pretty emotionally unstable.  Why is she here again?  Anyone?

We go into the caves & the android who has been studying Sumerian, Egyptian, & all the other languages & cultures mentioned in the art slide show, can translate & begins pushing on the stone & it reacts with magic green light & computer noises despite looking like rock & mud.  The other characters occasionally ask him what he's doing, but he just blows them off & so the crew just continues on, not thinking much about it.

So the Scientist lady & crew find the "Engineer's" body.  He's been decapitated by the closing door.  The Android decides to open the door.  To no suprise there are vials of stuff everywhere and a big stone head that resembles the "Engineers".  Except we don't know that yet, because the head science lady finds still has it's helmet on.  That makes the helmet reveal completely anticlimactic later in the film.

Let's skip ahead.  The scientist chick brings the head back on board despite what Ms. Vickers had said earlier.  In fact, the whole crew pretty much just ignores Ms. Vickers.  She serves no purpose.  Not on the ship & not in the script.  I don't get it.  Why is this character here?  What a waste of acting talent.   

Science lady decides to try & reanimate whatever process was happening that started killing the "Engineer".

No one has a problem with this?  Um, Ms. Vickers?  Hello?  Vickers?  I thought you said they couldn't do this sort of stupid crap!?  

Two guys got left behind.  The tattooed mohawk Geologist & the overly friendly & annoying Biologist.

Boyfriend scientist is so disdraught that there was no one living to greet him that he gets drunk.  All while his lady is reanimating the dead head.  Isn't he interested in any of this stuff?

The Android brought black goo from the vials on board.  It looks like the same black goo that the "Engineer" drank.

What the android does with it is bizarre.  

The android is bullied by the male scientist from the start.  I, as the audience, am never told why the male man of science does not like the android, but it is very apparent that he does not like him at all.  I'll take a guess that it makes him feel insecure.  There are many back & forths leading the audience to believe that the android is simply programmed to do certain tasks for the Whelan Corp &  he is unable to feel any emotion  Yet, the android takes the black goo & puts a drop in the male scientists glass.  It seems like revenge, but can it be?  

Was the writer trying to tell us he wasn't just an soul-less machine?  Honestly, did anyone really think that?

 Honestly, the douchebag bully scientist deserved it.  He shouldn't have been such a bully.  However, I think the android & it's humanity is one of the "deep" questions being asked in the film.  Problem is, it's been done to death.  Especially if you happen to be a fan of Japanese Films or Japanese Animation.  Plus, the Japanese are a million times better at posing the question & answering it or leaving it hanging.  Four words: Ghost in the Shell.

Blade Runner borrowed heavily from the Japanese in the 80's & it is borrowed from yet again, albeit poorly in this film.

I get a hint that I'm supposed to identify most closely with the Android.  That's part of the point.  Sorry, but the Star Wars generation doesn't have a problem with robots & androids.  We don't see things as just machines.  We name our computers.  Macs, Playstations & X-Boxes all have a way to name the machine.  We see them as having personalities & we are well aware that they will one day be part of our make-up.  We will meld.  So the evil android scenario is old & a little unbelievable.  Soul-less Android?  C'mon.  50 years ago this might have made me gasp.  Perhaps Rip Van Winkle wrote this.

I know, evil man creates evil android, like evil "Engineer" created evil human.  Whatever.  There are so many TV shows that have done this.  So many movies.  It's a cornerstone of Japanimation.  Top it all or don't do it again.  

I was never convinced that the "Engineers" were evil.  There was self-sacrifice in the beginning.  It felt very much like we were missing a huge chunk of their story.  

As we go further into the film, I have time to reflect on what I've already seen. Why would these "Engineers" have humans draw "maps" or "Invitations" to the planet that they are using to manufacture bio-weapons to bring back & destroy humanity?  They wouldn't.  There must be another explanation.  One was never given.

(Gilgamesh 2500 B.C.)

I know the Mythology this was all pulled from. The Atra-Hasis tablets are ancient.  Most people have no knowledge of the Atra-Hasis creation story except through Gilgamesh.  Believe me, the Sumerian version is a million billion times more compelling than the Prometheus Screenplay version.  It's also the origin of the flood story & the actual Greek Prometheus story.  It makes more sense when you realize that the "Engineers" were in a civil war.  Much like the war of the angels, that was written at a much later date.  Some of the "Engineers" despised us.  Others loved us.  Some were driven to destroy us out of jealousy.  Others marveled at our creative abilities.  However, we were overpopulating the earth.  We had to be contained.  Controlled.

 When did our contact with the "Engineers" end?  Why?  When did the tales of the "Engineers" cease?  When did humans stop depicting them in art?  Was it after the flood?  Was the flood an event caused by the "Engineers"?  According to the Atra-Hasis it was.  

The problem is, there is nothing clearly stated about the "Engineers" in the film.  No question is answered.  I know, that too is part of the point.  We will never get the answers we seek.  See the story of Gilgamesh.  Or even if we do, we won't be satisfied with what we learn until it matches what we BELIEVE.  

Ugh...vague & pretentious.  Unsatisfying.  

In the end everyone dies for no good reason.  Pure stupidity mostly.  The Android makes it out, as does our science chick.  That's how I figured out she was the protagonist.  Or was it the android, David, all along?

It just didn't pull anything together in any sort of compelling way.  The foundations for possibilities were there,  it just never blossomed & was far from fruition.  It simply came across as a story about a bunch of dumb clueless people who all pretended to be things they weren't that were ultimately destroyed by their own incompetence with the help of an Android.  Which, really, is just an updated version of us.

The end.

Friday, June 08, 2012

The Garden of Your Mind.

PBS recently released this autotune of Mr. Rogers.  It's amazing.

THIS is how I want to be every single day of my life.

Thursday, June 07, 2012


So, my bard, has a cookbook that she wrote available for pre-order up on right now.  To say we are excited is an understatement.  She worked very hard in Grad school & it has paid off!  It is very fitting that her first book is a cookbook.  She loves to cook, lucky me, and she's excellent at it!  This book is $14.99 & chocked full of deliciousness!  The recipes are geared toward game-day parties, but there are some meal type recipes in there as well!  Not to mention desserts!  If you would like to follow her blog, check it out here:  Don't forget to head over to Amazon & pick up a copy of T's book!  Much thanks!

11th Doctor & Amy Pond in 1:6 scale!

Not only is this Big Chief Studios 12" Doctor Who doll/figure an awesome size, but look at the sculpt!  It's fantastic!  To top that, it has so many awesome accessories!  Accessories include:

6 different hands that can be interchanged

A TARDIS floor base with stand  

A sonic screwdriver open & one closed

A wallet with Psychic paper

A Nano Recorder Gun

A Lash-up Device

A Time Lord Consciousness Cube

 An Invitation with blue envelope

A TARDIS door fragment

A Red Handkerchief

A Wristwatch

He also has his signature tweed jacket & bowtie.  Under his jacket?  Suspenders!  

He is available for pre-order right now from Entertainment Earth or the Big Bad Toy Store.
$199.99.  Ouch.
You can also pick up Amy as a companion!

She is also $199.99 & has tons of cool accessories!  Both figures are highly poseable.  Let's hope they make a TARDIS these figures can fit in!  

Wednesday, June 06, 2012


Felicia Day is a Goddess.

A nerd/geek goddess. If you don't know who she is, your life is a little darker & less full of unicorns & rainbows.  You should know her.  Well, in an internet way.  I mean you can't really know her unless you hang out with her.  Which when you watch her FLOG it feels like you're totally hanging out with her, but you're not.  Anyway, I digress.

Go check out Felicia's FLOG because it is hilarious.  She is very consistent with updates.  And Hilarious.
Don't stop there though!  Check out all of Geek & Sundry.  If you haven't watched her show "The Guild", you are also totally missing out on hilarity & fun.  Go watch it. There's cosplay!  It is also streaming on Netflix & Hulu Plus I believe.

What are you waiting for?  Go!

Doctor Who Watch

Underground Toys has a beautiful new Doctor Who watch available for pre-order through Entertainment Earth.
It comes in a Doctor Who tin and has Gallifreyan symbols adorning it.  The picture below is just a proto-type & I hope they fix the IIII or 4 on the clock.  I'm not sure how the quality will be.  I'm hoping it will be a leather strap and not some plastic composite, but I guess we will have to wait & see.  If you want to follow Underground Toys Doctor Who Blog for the latest updates, go here: Doctor Who Blog

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Model Kit Sale!!!

Entertainment Earth is having a Model Kit Sale!  Buy one get one 50% off!  So go check out their kits!

Barnabas Dark Shadows Kit $24.99

Universal Mummy $29.99

Frank & Bride $44.99

Wonder Woman $19.99

This is just a small sample of the many kits they have available!

Monday, June 04, 2012

Time Machine!


Round 2 Models has a very interesting & strangely cool new model out.  It's called the "Strange Change Time Machine".  On the outside it just looks like some sort of robot head, but open it up & you have a time machine with it's pilot!

The Victorian Era pilot pulls the lever & you close the door & he is transported back into time.  All with amazing rubber band technology!  

Pretty cool, right?  You can pick this really cool model up over at Round 2 Models for $30.99 + shipping or over at Entertainment Earth for $32.99 + shipping. 

The model is molded in gray plastic, requires glue & paint & is considered a level 2 model.  Size is 6.5" x 6.5" x 7".  This new model is actually a copy of the 1960 Strange Change Time Machine.  Don't let it pass you by.  It could be another 50 years before you see it again!

New Star Wars Cards

They don't change often, but when they do it is usually pretty noticeable.  I'm talking about Star Wars action figure cards.  There's some fresh new ones heading your way.  I like them.  They will arrive in stores with Wave 14 which includes: Clone Trooper Lietenant
                             Darth Vader (Emperor Lightning)
                             Jar Jar Binks
                             Shock Trooper
                             Sandtrooper (Orange Patch)
                             Princess Leia (Bespin)

Look for them soon!  And May the Force Be With You!

Friday, June 01, 2012

Play Visions & Pac-Man

Play Visions is a novelty toy seller.  The big difference with them compared to other novelty toy sellers is that they tend to grab some really good licensing.  They get licenses for things like Pac-Man, Star Wars, Lego, Sponge Bob, Thomas the Train & so many more.

Check out this adorable Pac-man bank.  It takes batteries to make the sounds work.  When you drop in the coins, you get the classic Pac-Man chomping noises!  Awesome!  $23.99 from the Play Visions site or $21.99 from Entertainment Earth.

They also offer these hilarious Pac-Man wind-ups.  Pac-Man is 1.75" & the ghost is 2".  They come packed together for $9.99 on either site.  

Last but not least, there's the Pac-Man sounds Keychain.  It is also offered on both sites, but it's a dollar cheaper at $8.99 over on the Play Vision site.

Like I said before though, Play Vision has tons more stuff.  Head over & check them out.  I will be adding them to the action figure list on the right.  Have a great weekend!

Star Wars Vintage Wave 4 Revision 1

Qui-Gon Jinn (Phantom Menace)

Ratts Tyerell and Pit Droid (Phantom Menace)

 VC92 Anakin Skywalker (Clone Wars)

 VC93 Darth Vader (Star Wars)

 VC95 Luke Skywalker (Hoth, Empire Strikes Back)

 VC87 Luke Skywalker (Return of the Jedi, Jedi Origin)

 VC58 Aayla Secura (Revenge of the Sith)

 VC59 Nom Anor (Expanded Universe)

 VC60 501st Clone Trooper (Revenge of the Sith)

 VC56 Kithaba (Return of the Jedi)

 VC57 Dr. Evazan (Cantina, Star Wars)

 VC28 Wedge Antilles (Return of the Jedi)

What comes in a case is always subject to change until the day it hits the stores.
These have, so you can bet that these are all correct.  Some pretty sweet figures in this batch.