Monday, March 12, 2012

Green Lantern Fleece Bath Robe

Hey there Lantern fans! Look at this! A sweet bath robe to show off your love for all things green & lanterny! It's 44-inch long & will fit most adults, except for the Hutt Family. They have to special order from the slug & tall stores.

Now, as cool as it looks, do be aware that it's not really going to be so awesome if you really intend to use it as a bath robe. It's 100% polyester & polyester does NOT soak up wet like terry cloth does. In fact, polyester on a wet body feels pretty icky. How do I know this? I lived in the 70's. 5 years of it. I know polyester.

So, keep that in mind before you shell out the $39.99 they want to have one of your very own.

Entertainment Earth has them available for pre-order with the delivery to be sometime this month.

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