Monday, March 12, 2012

Go See John Carter of Mars

Above is a ten minute clip of the film. According to ticket sales this weekend, the industry is looking at this film as a flop. It cost $250 million to make this film & opening weekend only saw a return of $30.6 million. If you include overseas ticket sales it broke $100 million.

Here's a short clip with the adorable martian dog:

This film shouldn't be a flop. There hasn't been a movie like this in a long time. With all the bitching & whining & moaning I hear about Hollywood remakes, why the hell has everyone skipped this film? It's an original. Sure, it's based on Edgar Rice Burroughs stories, but no one has ever made John Carter come alive on the big screen before.

The film is beautiful & fun & exciting & full of adventure with some laughs & some tears. It is a wonderful adaptation of the original source material.

Do you like Firefly & Serenity? Do you like Star Wars? How about Flash Gordon or Buck Rogers? Then go see John Carter.

Many people have complained that they have no idea what it is about from the trailers. Is THIS the reason YOU haven't gone to see it? Okay then, here's a plot synopsis. John Carter is from Virginia, USA in the late 1800's. He stumbles across something that inadvertently transports him (well, a copy of him) to Mars. On Mars he stumbles into a war between Helium (a city on Mars) and it's rival city. He has to make choices & fun things happen & adventure & wow! & go see the movie! I don't want to spoil it for you!

I can't believe you haven't gone to see this film! If you don't, I really feel like you are missing out. I, also, will be missing out. Missing out on studios taking more chances like this. More studios making bold, beautiful, epic films! Why should they? Despite all the whining, remakes pull in far more money than original films.

Don't make the studios right. Go see John Carter.

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