Monday, February 06, 2012

What day is it?


Xena Con 2012 was awesome.

I wasn't able to keep up with the blog like I had hoped due to the lack of free wi-fi. I refuse to pay $14.00 a day. Especially when I'm already paying for everything else.

The final highlights of the Con were:

Lucy & Renee on stage. Lucy & Renee reading Katherine Fugate's little script she wrote that Renee & Claudia Black had read the day before.

Gabrielle asking Xena to marry her right there in front of my eyes. :o Holy Hera!

The Video above was our vantage point. In fact, if you look, & are familiar with the backs of our heads (*snicker*) then you will see they make an appearance.

For me, this was absolutely amazing. It was almost like the last two episodes were fixed immediately. It is still making me smile.

Right after that moment T & I were scrambling madly through the crowd to get to the Lucy photo op line.

That too, was awesome. She was warm & friendly & I still can't believe it all happened. Best 15th Year Anniversary present EVER!

We loved Southern California. The weather was so nice & everyone seemed very friendly & smiley. We even saw a guy see his car get bumped in the parking lot. Hey ran over to check it out & once he decided it was no big deal, he came strolling back to the Starbucks with a smile on his face.

THAT guy taught me a bunch. He witnessed, he reacted, he investigated, he let it go. I have a very hard time with the "letting it go" part. I don't want to anymore. So that is what I am practicing since I got back. Letting it go. I do not want to hang on to emotion that should have passed anymore. I want to feel in the moment & move on. So far, so good.

So, we've been back for a week now & I still have not adjusted. In fact, I'm not sure I ever will. I feel different.


ChromePlatedGirl said...

Love that you made that trip happen and that it was such a phenomenal experience for the two of you!!!

GeminiWriter said...

So glad that you both went and made such wonderful memories and did wonderful things!