Monday, February 27, 2012

Lucy Lawless Arrested, Bailed Out, Has Hearing

Lucy Lawless, who scaled an oil tanker bound for the Arctic with Greenpeace New Zealand activists, was arrested Sunday after spending 77 hours on board. She & the team are being charged with burglary rather than unlawful trespass. How they think she committed burglary is yet to be determined since no one took anything & nothing was damaged. The team & Lawless have a hearing on Thursday in front of a judge.

Personally, it is quite obvious that Lucy is being charged with burglary as a warning to others. The ramifications of a burglary charge could be fairly devastating to her acting career. It is possible that she would not be able to travel to certain countries with burglary on her record. This could limit any roles she might have otherwise been able to accept. It could also limit her appearances at fan conventions.

It's clear to me that she is very passionate about this cause. Lucy is not some unaware airhead. She's a smart woman who isn't afraid to take risks. I, for one, am very proud of her actions & her commitment. She not only talks the talk, but has shown that she ain't afraid to walk the walk. Good on ya, Lucy.

Her actions generated over 500 articles on Greenpeace New Zealand & what Shell has planned for the arctic as well as over 133,000 signatures asking Shell not to drill in the Arctic. Good was done. Awareness was raised. Mission accomplished. #savethearctic

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